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Fake Elbow

Look cool, *and* stay in control.
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Drive along looking cool with your fake elbow hanging out of your open driver's side window.

Behind the facade of devil-may-care motoring, your real arms are both employed in keeping the vehicle under control.

Now, you may already feel that you've stolen a march over those who drive dangerously with an arm hanging casually out of the window, and you may feel hipper that those boring fellow motorists who betray their need to grip the steering wheel with both hands by a lack of elbowage* in their drivers side windows.

But this device just gets better. As well as acting as an elbow substitute, its false hand will grip your beverage du choix as you enjoy the open road.

(* french pronunciation fyi)

Fishrat, Jul 13 2005


       Reminiscent of Johhny Depp's fake arm in "Once Upon A Time In Mexico." I like it.
calum, Jul 13 2005

       I would want two, in matching sleeves. I could then confuse drivers behind me by appearing to be able to hang my right arm out of the driver's window and my left arm out of the passenger's window.
wagster, Jul 13 2005

       I like this idea.[+]
I'd want a button which would hydraulically pivot the arm at the elbow and flip the bird to the car behind.
Minimal, Jul 13 2005

       And another arm that wraps around the passenger seat. [+]
coprocephalous, Jul 13 2005

       I'd like one that looks like the passenger's arm has been caught and dislocated in the electric window.
po, Jul 13 2005

       Severed at the wrist?
wagster, Jul 13 2005

po, Jul 13 2005

       Sure-fire bun-magnet. Nice one [fishrat]
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jul 13 2005

       ...and two more for sticking out of the sun-roof.   

       Perfect, [fishrat], just perfect.
squeak, Jul 13 2005

       How about a pair of fake feet poking out of the passenger window, too? Or a dog head?   

       The dog head doesn't have to be fake, I've got a noisy one next door; I can get his head for you...
elhigh, Jul 13 2005

       Somewhat related: I once read of a fellow who fastened a mask to the back of his head and drove along leaning out the side window.
baconbrain, Jul 13 2005

       A large ripped arm with a prominent Special Forces tattoo should deter would-be carjackers and road rage enthusiasts.   

       Several years ago an ‘express lane’ in/out of the city was opened for carpooling vehicles only. Police camped at the entrances and ticketed for single occupancy. It would be far less embarrassing to get caught with a fake passenger’s elbow than the usual prop – an inflatable doll.
Shz, Jul 13 2005

       Maybe we could get a fake ass for the window aswell on a hydraulic command so you can moon people on demand. lol - Great Idea(s), these posts got me laughing pretty hard.
Kcsolutions123, Jul 14 2005

       Of all the ideas I've read this week this is the most humerous.   

       "HUMEROUS?" <groans, rolls eyes>
elhigh, Jul 14 2005

       That damn Fishrat creates another winner. (Jealousy steam puffs outta both my ears!)
blissmiss, Jul 14 2005

Size_Mick, Jul 14 2005

       One hand is waving "hi" to Size_Mick, the other is holding my "Biggie" diet coke. The third one, well, it's been given the gift of life, and is now flipping off the idiot that just almost drove me off the highway, and then resumes it's innocent, lifeless duty, as a spare elbow.
blissmiss, Jul 15 2005

       Nice one; reminds me of those stick on ears for motorcycle helmets, and the fake fingers on the boot (trunk). The cup holder idea was the clincher.
Could it hold my mobile as well?
Ling, Jul 15 2005

       Being a very cool yet responsible motorist, you should check your mirror before you pull out . I must admit I pull out without looking sometimes, (often tits and elbows and other hairy stuff gets in the way). So it can difficult, especially with a false one. But you’ve got to keep at it regardless of the banging around you. Wouldn’t it be cheaper on the insurance, if you and your elbows just had quick look? With the window open (an elbow attached to a closed window just doesn’t look as cool) you’d have to be careful not to get anything in your eyes (all 3 of them). But you would be rewarded with a view of the rear (of the elbow). For those that might not understand what I see in these mirrors, video versions are available. Do you have any pictures of your elbow?
Prolixed, Jul 15 2005

       (often tits and elbows and other hairy stuff gets in the way).   

       Well yeah, hairy tits, and elbows, and other stuff make me drive weird. What the hell drug are you on?
blissmiss, Jul 15 2005

       Where do ya keep the private stuff, if that stuff is hanging out the car window? Sorry, can't type anything I'm laughing. Why the heck would anyone, no matter where they live, have "hairy' things interfering with their ability to drive.   

blissmiss, Jul 15 2005

       After the Hurricane of an anno from bliss...
I'd just like to say this is a corker of an idea, have a bun. [+]
The_Englishman_Abroad, Jul 15 2005

       What about when I really want to put my elbow out of the window? [-]
PauloSargaco, Jul 15 2005

       I still don't get the hairy things, but I guess I'll just have to spend yet another day in the dark. (Nice to see ya, TEA, been awhile!)
blissmiss, Jul 15 2005

       Nice. You could paint it red on sunny days to simulate truckers' sunburn.
hippo, Jul 15 2005

       [PauloSargaco] Don't panic - the fake elbow isn't welded on. You could always move it to the passenger seat.
Fishrat, Jul 16 2005

       ... and for gossipers, the fake elbow can be used for additional nudge nudge *nudge*, wink wink.
jonthegeologist, Jul 16 2005

       Or for annoying people, an extra limb to slap someone sideways, out the frigging car window....
blissmiss, Jul 17 2005

       I'd have 3 in a row. People would stare.
DesertFox, Jul 17 2005

       I'm not an Aussie, not on drugs and your obviously not catholics.....(read my previous anno with just the two eyes)
Prolixed, Jul 17 2005

       <pedant>or with good grammar. (your = you're) [Prolixed]</pedant>
neilp, Jul 17 2005

       Unless he was trying to say that you did not express a universal and/or broadly liberal outlook.
jurist, Jul 18 2005

       I've long wondered why so much time is wasted on the HB with trolls who can't (or won't) write a coherent sentence.
dentworth, Jul 18 2005

       I hope your'e not referring to our Canuck?
blissmiss, Jul 18 2005

       [Bliss], no, but RE: Prolixed,   

       like you said "what the hell drug are you on?"
dentworth, Jul 18 2005

       That double entry thing has happened twice this week. Someone had a triple. That used to happen in the old days, but not for some time now. I didn't even hit enter twice. Odd. When I get some sleep I shall nofify the bakesperson. I noticed it on several other folk's annos also.
blissmiss, Jul 18 2005

       Maybe the program is highlighting "your'e"
Ling, Jul 19 2005

       Good idea. The annos are funny too. Would type more but I am close to falling into a coma on account of i had to get up early and go to class.
hobbitcoat, Jul 19 2005

       //I could then confuse drivers behind me by appearing to be able to hang my right arm out of the driver's window and my left arm out of the passenger's window.//   

       "Well, we've always known that [wagster] was a big bloke, but that must be one helluva small car..."
froglet, Jul 19 2005

       Its a good idea, i drive with my elbow outside the window all the time and my arm still reaches the steering wheel, for straight roads of course.
Antegrity, Jul 20 2005

       //Good idea. The annos are funny too. Would type more but I am close to falling into a coma on account of i had to get up early and go to class.//   

       Really? Try and do better the next time you cheese out. Anyone from Iowa can do better than claim "coma", as an excuse for not taking a stance. (Consider our Kanasian friends.)   

       I'm an Illinoisinan.
blissmiss, Jul 20 2005

       If it weren't for the beverage holder feature, I'd most assuredly bone this one! It is that feature that turns a bone-bomb into a bun-bomb! That's elbow slang for "Have another bun!"
quantum_flux, Dec 14 2007


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