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Who needs a bathroom scale? Your bed can monitor your weight.
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A bed (or maybe a mat that you put under your mattress) that has a scale and computer built into it. It measures the amount of sleep you get and your weight (possibly other metrics. Breathing and sleep apnea detection are possibilities for sensitive electronics) consistently and objectively. Whenever you get around to it you can plug it via USB port into your PC and download the data. Could also work by having a floor pad under your office chair (measuring time spent sitting in front of a computer instead of sleep) or anywhere else you spend time regularly.

Having two people sharing a bed will complicate things, but one can imagine some logic that could handle this.

For a while the info wouldn't be that cool, but having years of this kind of data may be useful for health nuts, people with sleep disorders, chronic dieters, and the doctors of these folks.

kurleykyew, May 26 2006


       I hate those subjective bathroom scales. [+]
methinksnot, May 26 2006

       I also sleep with my wife, two dogs, and now a cat. Can your fancy schmancy bed scale figure that out? And if it can, I'll take two. For when I'm wrong, don't know why, and am banished to the other room.   

       Edit: sp. schmancy, thanks robacarp
NotTheSharpestSpoon, May 26 2006

       This one is baked. My mother is a nurse...those fancy schmancy hospital beds that move in every which direction have more technology than they let the patient see. Bedscales I think they call them.   

       With that said, I dont think they ever thought to do things like figure out how much you sleep, ect.
robacarp, May 26 2006

       If it were programmed intelligently it could recalibrate itself.
kurleykyew, May 27 2006

       A sudden loss of a few pounds in the middle of the night would obviously register as an anomaly to the device.   

       Besides, I don't know if the value would be so much in the night to night exactness of the measurments as averages/trends over extended periods of time.
kurleykyew, May 28 2006

       little boy's room deposits are measured in milli liters...
sirau, Jun 10 2008

       I think I saw something like this on Kickstarter a few years ago, though I can't refind it. It was a set of four discs that you'd put under your bed's legs. But it was intended primarily to monitor your motion in bed, to wake you up at the appropriate point in your sleep cycle, and weighing you was a secondary feature if it was even capable of that.
notexactly, Jun 08 2018


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