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Being A Black Sheep Helps

Paint the sheep that you count.
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Many have tried counting sheep jumping a fence to help lull them to sleep. It won't work for me because the white sheep seem to just gather in a mass of dirty white and lose definition. If you think of them in colors, they are more defined and appear to spring into action. The colors that you choose could be patriotic; red white and blue, happy preference; primary colors of the rainbow or seasonal; green, red, gold and silver for Christmas or gold, orange, yellow, brown and black for Oct. and Nov. holidays. The primary colors and all their shades will give you a wide range to choose from.

Happy Dreams!(:>)

outloud, Oct 24 2009

Mr. Bean counts sheep http://www.youtube....watch?v=FmbmNp1RDCE
[Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Oct 24 2009]

he he http://sheepylady.c.../ancillary.asp?ID=6
somewhere under the rainbewe... [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Nov 15 2009]


       I like Mr. Bean's technique better.
Jim Bob of Merriam Park, Oct 24 2009

       Nobody has ever gone to sleep this way. The sheep are supposed to be hard to count, so hard it puts you to sleep just like counting sheep in a field. The origin of the phrase has been lost entirely.
WcW, Nov 15 2009

       Counting sheep is simply a distraction technique used to combat insomnia. You can count whatever works for you and be it sheep or naked women or men, jumping a fence or each other makes it easier to focus.   

       Insomnia has probably always been with us. We have evidence of this particular technique, of counting sheep as they are imagined to jump over a fence, being used from 1854. That's from Seba Smith's Way down east; or portraitures of Yankee life:   

       "He shut his eyes with all his might, and tried to think of sheep jumping over a wall."
outloud, Nov 15 2009

       somehow the image of livestock escaping an enclosure seems like a very unlikely visualization to use for relaxation especially within a pastoral community. The concept of counting sheep in a field, or stars in the sky seems more etymologically sound. I too found references to this image, however I believe that this represents a freak cultural construction rather than a consistently effective sedative technique.
WcW, Nov 16 2009

       "a freak cultural construction"...WcW   

       No more so than the many gods that the world cultures pray to for guidence and hope.   

       Counting sheep in a field or stars in the sky would be much more exacting since you are in bed using your imagination, where as imagining them jumping a fence is more specific and therefore less stressful. A total lack of imagination for some people is definately a drawback.
outloud, Nov 16 2009


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