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Cap of Silence

Snort no more.
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There is such a nice soft thing; lined with neodymium; you place it on your head. Resting against something feathery and pillowing; you ease your body to a resting rhythm; upon your lucious bed.

This resting state, is with no sound; your partner is without complaint; as if buried underground.

For -- within your palate; your soft palate -- not hard palate! There is a tiny circle wrought; and there it is, that lovely thing; that neodymium material bought.

And the fields; the lovely fields; encircling your noggin; causing dreams of camphor scent; and with airway clear -- no more disturbed noddin'.

mylodon, Jun 23 2014


       I thought bad science wasn't promoted on hb   

       Anyways I propose selling a cap with a feather that tickles the nose while you sleep.   

       Make a nice colorful website, with testimonials of people who had cancer and aids and it cured them.   

       Physicians can remain skeptical, but there's no evidence that this $150 cap and $70 replacement true healing feather (be sure to change at least 2 times a week) can do any damage to people except causing them to sneeze, which has been proven by our independent laboratory in South Dakota to actually be beneficial to people with diabetes and other olfactory disorders.   

       Disclaimer: The cap is colored in accordance with the Clinton-Goggle and Moggle-Shwei methods, so if you move your head at angles not perfectly aligned with the former North-South magneto- cryptonic poles, the colors may fade with time. This may also be due to the use of special Chinese handmade Dupont-Copy fabric paint. Keep out of reach of children. Contact your physician if swallowed.
pashute, Jun 23 2014

       [pachute] I believe you misunderstood the intent. I believe it's to use the magnet to physically pull the soft palette about in a way that will prevent snoring.
Voice, Jun 23 2014

       I'm with [pashute]. I got confused. Thanks for clarifying, [Voice].
blissmiss, Jun 23 2014


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