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Boring Meeting (for the bedroom)

The no-fail sleep aid
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When I can't sleep, I sometimes resort to imagining that I'm in a boring office staff meeting. It works wonders. Something about staff meetings releases all the right hormones for sleepiness to come instantly.

I'd like a video projection system that puts a movie of people in an imaginary staff meeting on all four walls of my bedroom. The speaker should have a particularly monotonous, soporific voice. Participants in the meeting yawn constantly. I imagine that watching this would put me to sleep in about 5 minutes.

Buttons could let me choose from such topics as "computer project someone else worked on that has nothing to do with you", "economic forecast full of vague predictions", etc. and other recordings, perhaps recordings of actual staff meetings from around the world, could be downloaded from the Internet.

phundug, Sep 27 2007


       proud to be the first to chuck a bun at your reclining figure. (although I can think of MUCH better ways to expire at night.) +
k_sra, Sep 27 2007

       I'd probably have nightmares. It's enough to have to go through this process during their time let alone in my own time.   

       Listen to the World Service on a timer, that'll do it.
skinflaps, Sep 27 2007

       My instinctive reaction to boring meetings is frustration and a feeling of being trapped, rather than sleepiness. Even if it was a simulated meeting, which I wasn't expected to appear awake in, I don't think I'd be able to stop this reaction, which wouldn't help the process of going to sleep.
hippo, Sep 27 2007

       I've had lots of boring meetings in the bedroom, but they usually just put my wife to sleep.
nomocrow, Sep 27 2007

       I have a failsafe way of falling asleep also. I PRETEND to be asleep.
zeno, Sep 28 2007

       //I've had lots of boring meetings in the bedroom, but they usually just put my wife to sleep.//   

       Interesting. She's always got quite a lot of input during ours.   

       I like this idea. Can it come with a bed that starts off as a fairly comfortable chair, then changes to a super comfortable bed once I'm asleep?
Noexit, Sep 28 2007

       The yawning alone is brilliant -- maybe a CD of very quiet yawning sounds to play on a bedroom stereo? In any case, very bun-worthy.
awesomest, Sep 28 2007

       I actually pay attention during those meetings, slowly giving my body immunity against boredom. If you used this boring meeting method too much, you would be much more susceptible to falling asleep during actual boring meetings of any kind. Sort of the opposite of me. In any case, you don't want to fall asleep at those kind of meetings. What if a 1/2 baker wants to patent something (not just the stuff under product:weapon, everything here is potentally dangerous in a demonstration!) With that out of the way, (+) for inventiveness
Shadow Phoenix, Sep 29 2007

       Occasionally I dream that I am in a meeting, yet still in bed. I tell you, the concept of attempting to sleep in a conference room, with pyjamas and duvet, terrifies me.
david_scothern, Sep 30 2007

       //She's always got quite a lot of input during ours.//   

       That's because I've given her permission to use a stap-on on anyone she wants.   

       By the way, the only reason I'm not your father is because the guy behind me had the correct change.
nomocrow, Oct 01 2007

       Woah, just looked at the title clearly. Anything with (for the bedroom) in the title sounds very...adult. Even a boring meeting! (shakes visions of sexy boring meetings from head)
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 07 2007

       Just turn to CNN whenever Bush has his speech. It accomplishes the same effect as a boring meeting headed by a clueless boss who talks too much.   

       As for my elf, when he cant get to sleep he turns on some binaural beats with white noise and lays off the caffeinated sodas.
Spacecoyote, Oct 08 2007


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