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A Modest Solution for Homeless People
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Face it, unless the economy really kicks up, many of us aging Baby Boomers won't be able to afford a place to live when we get old.

Here's my solution: create a government program to make fake passports from other countries. Give the homeless guy $1,000 in the local currency and a fake passport and sneak them into the other country.

just4kinks, May 27 2004


       A place to live won't be that much of a problem. A cardbox box somewhere in the Florida swamps or another warm place will do fine. The real problem will be medical treatments. How will a fake passport solve that?
kbecker, May 27 2004

       Well, if it's a fake Canadian passport, I'm assuming that it can be used as identification to obtain that free healthcare that is lauded by those Canadians who can afford to pay for it in America.
Guncrazy, May 29 2004

       It would be funnier if you sent them to Canada and had mad cows eat them. (Okay, maybe not funnier, but more in line with Jonathan Swift.)
ldischler, May 29 2004

       Why wait for the government, just scrape together your $1000.00 and go now. Bon Voyage!
dentworth, May 29 2004


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