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blurr (experimental horror game)

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Here is a game which should hopefully be a hybrid between a slenderman game and amnesia.

The core concept of the game is that you are walking around a cuboid whitish world (could still have stuff like reflective water). There may be other 'abstract humans'(much like you are) NPCs, but they are just featureless black figures moving from one place to another with a purpose (to various parts of the world, or chatting to another).

Your main objective in this world is to not die, and to not die, you must not get caught by the 'blurr'. The blurr is an organism that can take the same formo abstract humans, or later on to better stalk you... consume other humans causing them to lose their free will and form. (Similar to why real fur looks more real, rather than plastic fur.). You can tell that a 'human' is infected by the blurr if they look blurry, and then eventually by their behavior (weird repetitive behavior, as if it was trying hard to imitate other humans).

However unlike real life objects being less defined the further away they are, a 'blurr' will look super crisp at a distance, but will rapidly become blurry and less defined the closer it is to you. (Until the last second, where it will suddenly become unblurry and shape shift tentacles over you)

And for some reason, it really wants you.

To win, you can't just wait them out, you have to actually get as close to them, without the blurr noticing, and then using a special telescope bring the original person into 'focus', dispelling the blurr. It will notice if its being focused on, and attempt to fight back.

To get near, you need to blend in amongst the crowd of NPCs. This is often easy to do in the first few levels with chatting NPCs. However later on, this will be dangerious... as the blurr will get more abilities like the ability to temporarily suppress its blurry look.

In later stage, you will focus less on visual identification of the monsters, and more of working out the behavior of NPCs to see if they are hidden monsters.

(each level adds another monster)

Level 0: Unintelligent blurry blob. In a forest. Very similar to slender man, but lamer.

Level 1: Can only control one human, zombie like. Very obvious (green blurr)

Level 2: Less obvious color, more intelligent behavior

Level 3: It gains the ability to be somewhat stealthy, by not being so blurry too fast (allowing them to be closer to you).

Level 4: Gains the ability to temporarily suppress its behavior, but can still be detected by its unnatural behavior.

Level 5: Gains the ability to conduct teamwork (Have one monster be obvious, while another monster pretending to part of a crowd that the player can hid in.)

Level 6: (End game) the monster has the ability to infect humans, and now the gamer will have to avoid humans entirely very soon. It will be impossible to kill them all, you will now need to escape from the city entirely, and you are in the middle of the city.

p.s. A series of games sequels, could be about the life of a person being chased by a blurr. Each game representing when the person was a toddler, a preteen, a teen, young adult, adult, and old age.

p.s.s Maybe you will be assisted by a special agency, or maybe hunted down by special agents to hand you over to the blurr so they could contain the infection.

mofosyne, Aug 02 2013


       Interesting, but a little hard to conceptualize with the given text. Especially the bit about the fur...
Pinuzzo, Aug 02 2013

       Pinuzzo I was trying to explain that the monsters trys to pretend being human by shape shifting. But then realized in later game levels that they could do a better job by hijacking real human bodies.
mofosyne, Aug 02 2013

       // weird repetitive behavior, as if it was trying hard to imitate other humans //   

       Mormons ?
8th of 7, Aug 02 2013

       Nothing specifically Mormon about it, most people could be described like this.
pocmloc, Aug 02 2013


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