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Chess Chips

Store Open Book and Close Book: Humans play middlegame
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Probably been done in some way or other, but the idea is to: Store all possible opening moves on one chip, and all closing moves on another working backwards from every possible mate. Let humans play the games in the space between.

..So you start off from some leaf position from the first chip, and the computer buzzes when one of the players hits a leaf position that is found on the second chip (that is known to always be resolvable to checkmate.)

peterpeter, Jan 29 2010


       When I saw the title I had visions of two chess players each trying to maintain a perfectly bland expression while simultaneously scrutinising the other for any sign of an emotional response.   

       "Knight takes queen's bishop. I'll raise you 100."   

       With a single easy motion, he captures the piece and adds another black disc to the pile.
Wrongfellow, Jan 30 2010

       How many possible end states are there? Must be at least a few thousand. I don't think that there is any idea here.
WcW, Jan 30 2010

       They say: Play the opening like a book, the middle like a magician and the end like a computer.   

       + because you are taking out the boring parts of chess; learning all of the openings (blah) and learning all of the mating strategies (blah). The middle of the game is where the creativity comes out.
leinypoo13, Jan 30 2010

       I think there are a gazillion end-states by which I think you mean that "for this board, the player whose turn it is can force a mate" all stored on chip2. I saw an estimate as high as 10^40 i think.   

       A problem I foresee is that it becomes a game of luck because the players stumble onto solutions unintentionally (or perhaps that's the fun of it.)   

       if the games were saved, at some point in the future the chips would fully overlap, removing the need for human players.
peterpeter, Feb 09 2010


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