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Chairs with soft legs

No more painful stubbing of toes
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OUCH! I am sick and tired of stubbing my toe while walking barefoot. I seem to have a knack for it, and my feet are covered in bruises because of it. I got to thinkin' with my noggin, me and other accident-prone individuals might benefit from a chair with padded legs so that if you were to bang your foot on it, it probably wouldn't hurt too badly.

It sounds like it would look bad, but it doesn't have to. I was thinking that a nice, soft synthetic or down filling could be sewed inside a nice fabric. The plush would be incorporated into the overall stylistic design of the chair. I was thinking some chairlegs could be furry. Furry is fuzzy fun.

It could even be designed using optical illusions to fool the eye into thinking that the chair leg is made of wood or metal.

You could buy an all-over plush-covered chair (Not a couch, but a legged chair. Most couches are not very soft in the corners either, and might benefit from plush padding.) or buy after-market pads to stick on your existing legged chairs or couches. Whaddaya think?

polartomato, Jun 20 2002


       Or you could pad your feet......with shoes.
dare99, Jun 20 2002

polartomato, Jun 20 2002

       Why not make soft socks for chairlegs instead?
joarvat, Jun 20 2002

       Chairleg airbags.
8th of 7, Jun 20 2002

       'Chairbags', shirley?
angel, Jun 20 2002

       Doesn't invalidate your idea at all, but beanbag chairs make keen furniture, and, as a bonus, you can pretend you're living in a submicroscopic world of gigantic spores, too.
jester, Jun 21 2002

       Hadn't thought of that interpretation before, [jester].
polartomato, Jun 21 2002

       <suspicious> did I detect a pat on the head? </suspicious> ;)
jester, Jun 21 2002

       Angel: OK, Chairbags. And stop calling me Shirley.
8th of 7, Jun 21 2002

       [waugs]: Fixed. Am I back to balancing equilibrium now? Oh, damn....
jester, Jun 21 2002


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