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Combustion egg timer

Watch the flame ...
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The Combustion Egg Timer looks a cross between an oil lamp and a chiming clock.

It is made of brass, copper and steel, and mounted on a polished mahogany base.

There is a brass fuel reservoir, a steel combustion cup, a spark mechanism and a large brass bell.

To operate, the user pulls back the spring-loaded striker on the bell until it latches, using a catch resembling a traditional mousetrap. They then press a plunger which releases a precisely measured quantity of a volatile flammable hydrocarbon liquid into the combustion cup. Cranking the magneto handle produces a spark to ignite the fuel.

The flame heats a copper cylinder filled with wax. The wax expands, pushing a catch against a spring until it latches on the release mechanism of the bell.

When the fuel is exhausted, the flame goes out, the cylinder cools, and the wax contracts. The spring pushes the release mechanism of the bell, which rings when struck.

A gong version is also available.

The time can be adjusted by altering the setting of the graduated collar on the fuel pump plunger.

8th of 7, Feb 16 2017


       Like a napalm bomb, but with brass and mahogany to give it class.   

       Will there be a version that will cook eggs ? I love the smell of napalm cooked eggs in the morning.
popbottle, Feb 17 2017

Voice, Feb 17 2017

       My concern here is that ambient temperature will affect the rate at which the copper wax-filled cylinder cools, which will potentially reduce timing accuracy.   

       I propose the addition of a themometer and a small brass plaque displaying a suitable look-up table for fuel volumes required to attain measurement of a desired duration at different temperatures.
Loris, Feb 17 2017

       No, the temperature woudn't be high enough to de-nature the proteins.   

       // a themometer and a small brass plaque //   

       The De Luxe version has both a thermometer and a barometer (to allow compensation for the reduced boiling point of water at altitude), both filled (despite the best efforts of the safety fascists) with genuine Mercury.
8th of 7, Feb 17 2017


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