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Black Hat Cathedrals

JesusHChrist plot to take over the world # 674.3UQ
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This is a trend whereby churches world over adopt the black-hat-style scaffolding-look and associated new ideology started in Washington DC by the National Cathedral during the earthquake of 2011 (link). This scaffolding is there because the church's insurance did not cover "acts of God" like earthquakes, hilariously, but is also a marketing ploy to publicize the need for raising the millions of dollars it will take to repair all aspects of the cathedral damaged in the earthquake. But the less- measured message the "black hat" has sent is that churches are not just only about money but also that they are about stale-mate politics.

This makes religions look bad and be seen as an antiquated strategy for business as usual. What religions need is to co-opt this accidental symbolism and turn it in their favor.

Research says that cancer is already part of our genes but in a deactivated state that gets triggered by microorganim behavior - as if there was in our ancient history some kind of deal between a bad guy and a good guy whereby they agreed to work together, which sounds a lot like the old religious way of looking at things - a fallen angel etc. Cancer and all diseases being the devil inside is a very popular way of looking at the world in places like Syria and Nigeria, but usually cloaked in the language of hocus pocus and excessive symbolism.

Maybe what religions, which are in need of an infusion of trust, and the world, which is in need of some common ground between places like Cathedral Heights and Syria, need now is a black-hat approach.

JesusHChrist, Feb 07 2015

Black Hat National Cathedral http://upload.wikim..._2011_zoom_3384.jpg
Picture of the national cathedral in dc with a black scaffold around the top one tower that makes it look like a bad guy cowboy hat [JesusHChrist, Feb 07 2015, last modified Feb 13 2015]

Cathedral need to raise millions http://www.washingt...QA2I8UcJ_story.html
[JesusHChrist, Feb 07 2015]

Other views of Black Hat Cathedral http://www.religion...ALQUAKE022412b1.jpg
[JesusHChrist, Feb 07 2015]

Other views http://www.hmdb.org...204/Photo204506.jpg
[JesusHChrist, Feb 07 2015]


       //Research says that cancer is already part of our genes but in a deactivated state that gets triggered by microorganim behavior // Uh, no, not really.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 07 2015

       This looks like a good place to post a notion as an annotation, that could not have survived as an Idea (rule against "names").   

       The "ISIS" group uses that as an abbreviation for a certain name, but a much-better/more-accurate name, for that abbreviation, is "Incredibly Stupid Islamic Students". I recommend that everyone outside of ISIS refer to that group by that name. It might have an effect....   

       The rationale for the name is simple: The ISIS people have learned certain things about Islam, just like Students of any other subject, but because they are Incredibly Stupid, they have failed to learn complete- enough information about Islam, that they would be able to get-along-with other political and religious groups.
Vernon, Feb 07 2015

       Church of the Bad Gals   

       Church of Nasty Children (BRATS)   

       Church of Evil Old People (Old Farts)   

       Church of Unemployed Architects
popbottle, Feb 07 2015

       Perhaps I'm in the thralls of methylphenidate withdrawal, but I couldn't find an idea here to save my life.
Voice, Feb 07 2015

       Imagine the networking you could gain by being a member of one of these...
RayfordSteele, Feb 09 2015

the porpoise, Feb 09 2015

       /Research says that cancer is already part of our genes but in a deactivated state/   

       Maybe in the same way that fiery explosions are already part of our cars, but scaled down and harnessed for motive force.
bungston, Feb 10 2015

       Cancer genes are often mutated versions of normal genes, sparked by exogenous events but inside of every chromosome waiting to be corrupted or activated.
JesusHChrist, Feb 10 2015


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