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church of the sacred speed limit

Self explanatory
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lifes too short to be in such a hurry
gryphon, May 27 2001


       A new jihad is born: Disciples of the Church of Going Really Fast run members of the Church of the Sacred Speed Limit off the road, while the Monks of the Order of the Eighteen Wheels simply crush them beneath their big rigs like insects. Well, maybe not. There's a game I play with my kid: we take note of an overtaking driver that's weaving through traffic and speeding, and when he's gotten several cars ahead we watch him pass a landmark and count off the seconds he's saved relative to us. Several risky lane-changes and five miles of speeding save a driver about three seconds in travel time. OK, gryphon, I'll vote for it.
Dog Ed, May 27 2001

       Yeah but speed limits are relative. Seems like you'd be better off pushing the "church of the safe driver" or somthin.
iuvare, May 27 2001

       I drive fast not because it gets me where I'm going faster <60 mph is 1 mile/minute, 75 is 45 seconds, but not that big a deal>, but because that's where the car feels best. It feels strange below 40 or so, and has a 'sweet spot' at 75-80. <This is for my current car, of course. All cars are different.>   

       I CAN slow down, and do when it's necessary; I don't weave in and out of traffic. <Usually. Ahem...> But when the road is clear and traffic is light...
StarChaser, May 27 2001

       Ditto (what StarChaser said)
andrewkorbel, May 27 2001


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