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Black Plague Water Balloons

Water balloons, each stuffed with a dead mouse
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Water balloon warfare has, until now, been a fairly safe form of conflict. (excluding the off-hand frozen water balloon). Still, solid or liquid, it's just kinetic energy.

Now, thanks to Black Plague Water Balloons, you will be holding more than a few deciliters of H20 in your hands. You hold millions of merciless micro-organisms that will relentlessly attack your enemies day and night.

your enemies may laugh at your feeble water-volley now, but in a few weeks; the play ground will be yours and yours alone as your foe lie incapacitated in the infirmary. (or dead)

Unwise? Me thinks not! Nor does the wisest of all military strategists:

Though we have heard of stupid haste in war, cleverness has never been seen associated with long delays. - Sun Tzu

So be clever and don't delay a moment longer! Buy Black Plague Water Balloons today! - MikeD

MikeD, May 25 2009

Found this while searching for Prior Art. Too cool not to share. http://www.youtube....watch?v=RtXOr-5Q8RQ
[MikeD, May 25 2009]

Japan's efforts http://www.wood.arm...ec%202005/Kirby.pdf
[AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 26 2009]

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       i presume you have a really keen vaccine that your enemies don't. or lots and lots of cats.
WcW, May 25 2009

       Anti-Black Plague Kittys are sold separately, [WcW]. They are, however, highly reccomended.
MikeD, May 25 2009

       Several antibiotics are reasonably effective against the bubonic plague. So it would only work in third world countries who can't afford the treatment.   

       You could use a disease which is also incurable, but the surprise element would be lost because you would be wearing a hazmat suit.
Bad Jim, May 26 2009

       Didn't the Japanese drop wooden bombs filled with plague fleas in WW2 in Manchuria?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 26 2009

       Nope!, that was Manchester.
How does one charge these devices safely (and I DON'T mean $900 a Gross!)?
gnomethang, May 26 2009


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