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Black Skimmer

For use after you grind beans and pour water on them
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(A Black Skimmer is a seagull-like bird that flies atop the water with its bright red bill wide open, the lower half just under the surface. While skimming the surface, if the lower mandible touches a fish, the bill snaps shut and devours it.)

A Black Skimmer-shaped milk pot would be a cute addition to your coffee accessory collection. Simply fill the bird-shaped pitcher with skim milk (obviously ^_^), and when you tilt it over to pour, the lower half of the bill-shaped spout drops open and the milk comes out.

phundug, Mar 01 2004

picture of a Black Skimmer http://www.majestyo...ckskimmerskmng.html
[phundug, Oct 04 2004]


       Looks nice next to the pelican sugar bowl and the spoonbill stirrer. (And the penguin tea cozy.)
AO, Mar 01 2004


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