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Flavor Beans

Jellybeans for your coffee
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I was waiting on the hazelnut flavored coffee to brew at work today as I was thinking of my co-workers and their picky tastes in coffee. I like flavored coffee and some of them complain because they like "full-bodied columbian blah blah blah". Sometimes I bring in flavored creamer but that stuff goes like candy. While I was waiting for the coffee, I was munching on some Jelly Belly brand jelly beans when the idea hit me. Why not make flavored jelly beans (or something similar in size and consistency) that have popular coffee flavors. They could both sweeten and flavor the individual cup of coffee. Using the beans lets the bland coffee people have their bland coffee and the flavor people have theirs. Being basically encapsulated in a soft candy would melt the bean rather quickly. As a bonus you could have some creamer beans that don't spoil like half-and-half.
MoreCowbell, Aug 15 2006


       You can already get flavoured syrups and sugars to put in coffee. I guess that that flavoured beans would be something along these lines.
st3f, Aug 15 2006

       I'm afraid I'm one of those "bland coffee people" who likes their coffee to just taste of coffee - exquisite, aromatic, real coffee. So much so that I'm tempted to [-] on principle...but then, if you have to pollute it, this would be a fairly neat way of doing it...[=]
Frankx, Aug 16 2006

       Perhaps it could be possible to put a sufficiently large number of these beans into a cup of coffee so that the drink itself became a lumpy slurry or, if you're being less revolting, a thick, overflavoured, oversugared coffee soup. Indeed, if the beans themselves were caffeinated in the same manner as, say, pro plus pills, and suitably sugared, the soup could provide all the chemical stimulation even the most hardened caffeine junkie could require in a single dose. This would go, I hope, some way to alleviating the persistent and rotten stink of coffee that permeates offices all over the world.
calum, Aug 16 2006

       Oh, stop moaning, [calum]!

Second thought, carry on; it's entertaining.
angel, Aug 16 2006

       I can attest to the convenience of bean-sized flavor additives. I used to drop dark-chocolate-covered espresso beans into my hot chocolate--oh, yeah. A bag in my desk drawer was quiet, clean and quick--too bad I wasn't. [+]
baconbrain, Aug 16 2006


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