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Audible Coffee Sweetener

Use unflavored Pop Rocks to sweeten coffee
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It's often difficult to tell when the sugar that's been added to a cup of coffee or tea has completely dissolved.

If the sweetener released bubbles and made noise as it dissolved, though, it would be simple to know when it was finished dissolving, by looking for bubbles or listening for fizzing.

Pop Rocks candy, if it didn't have flavoring, would be an ideal solution. Or, the flavoring might be something coffee-appropriate, such as hazelnut, amaretto, vanilla, irish crème, chocolate, and so on.

Fizzy powdered coffee whitener might also be a possibility.

goldbb, Jun 03 2010

The_20Sound_20of_20Toast sounds like a breakfast theme to me [swimswim, Jun 03 2010]


       Make the sweeteners shaped like tiny ships with tiny bands on board to play Taps, Nearer My God to Thee, or some other appropriate tune while the ships slowly sink.
Canuck, Jun 03 2010

       way to go [Canuck]!! I love it your way!
xandram, Jun 03 2010

       // released bubbles and made noise as it dissolved //   

       Tiny WW2-era ships - aircraft carriers, cruisers, destroyers. And kamikaze planes made of sugar ...
8th of 7, Jun 03 2010

       A tiny Wicked Witch of the West?
phoenix, Jun 03 2010

       It should be easy enough to make any particular shape, but sadly, the sound is probably limited to fizzing/popping.   

       Making a sweetener that quacks or moos may require magic.
goldbb, Jun 07 2010

       well you need something that can be made to vibrate at a preset series of frequencies. This has been done with magnets but a cup of hot coffee represents quite a bit of energy to vibrate something. Also there must be some nontoxic chemical that heats up in contact with water. That can make a whistle depending on the shape.   

       That covers many bird songs but not a quack or a moo. So next put a fluttery bit of rice paper in the whistle throat. I think that'll quack.
Voice, Jun 07 2010


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