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Neon Coffee

Those earth tones are so passe
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Brightly colored creamer to enhance the flavor and color of the coffee.
sartep, Jun 22 2003


       ...and only an extra $1.50 at Starbucks.   

       Maybe just a little dye in the filter?
Cedar Park, Jun 22 2003

       mellow yellow?
po, Jun 22 2003

       Green Irish coffee?
FarmerJohn, Jun 22 2003

       Would it stain your tongue purple, like grape gum? I think yes - and so a roadcone orange biscotti for you.
bungston, Jun 22 2003

       <lower tone>What colour would you pee?</lower tone>
friendlyfire, Jun 22 2003

       Don't eat snow of any color.
sartep, Jun 22 2003

       Uh-oh. No more Icees for me.
tekym, Jun 22 2003

       It doesn't matter what color. I'm laughing so hard at these posts, and at this website in general, my eyes are filled with tears and everything is blurry. What a hoot!!!
mollycorg, Jul 01 2003

       Perhaps they are not born but baptised instead in their own tears.
Tiger Lily, Jul 01 2003

       I go to Caribou Coffee and specifically buy the Light White Mocha because it is pink! (and yummmy)   

       By the way, you don't pee pink after drinking them. :( You gotta eat beets for that.
Mamamoose, Jul 28 2003

       Yuk! No way!
snarfyguy, Jul 28 2003

       What color are you thinking of sartep? I don't think it would be such a good idea as neon coulours like blue are depressant colors and would make the creamer or coffee unapealing to the consumer. cute idea tho!
PunkiPrince, Jul 28 2003


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