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Black White Reverse Copier

A copier with white toner/ink that prints on black paper
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The reverse of the regular office copy machine (or an optional function, just change the toner cartridge and the paper and off you go...). Creates copies including half-tones by using white ink/toner on black copy paper. The white would also work well on dark blue, red, dark green, and other darker copy paper.

A nice change of pace for those of us that make too many copies weekly and are getting bored.

Native Dancer, Nov 05 2003

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       I like it..
po, Nov 05 2003

       Seems like you'd use up a lot of toner.
Worldgineer, Nov 05 2003

       Sounds a lot like those architectural drawing copiers (although they print white on blue, not black, and I don't think they're using toner technology).
DrCurry, Nov 05 2003

       gotcha'. OK. To clarify...where we now have black, we'd have white (applies to both paper and toner). I'm pretty sure the halftones created by black on white could also be created by white on black...
Native Dancer, Nov 05 2003

       world, remove the cottom wool from your ears, you can't hear us properly.. :)
po, Nov 05 2003

       o, a device like that would go over well in companies like Enron.
Freefall, Nov 05 2003

       [o] Are you perchance the child of [po] and [half]? Just seems logical.   

       [po] I can hear you fine. In fact, please don't type so loud.   

       Seems like color printers could use white (+).
Worldgineer, Nov 05 2003

       I am some where between hippo and pottedstu as has been noted before. love child of half!.   

       o is a complete stranger but he is welcome to write if he wishes,,   

       world, this has not been mfd, so stop being so frivolous!
po, Nov 05 2003

       "Sounds a lot like those architectural drawing copiers (although they print white on blue, not black, and I don't think they're using toner technology)."   

       I believe they are called plotters.
js_530, Mar 14 2004

       No, [js], they are called "blueprint duplicators".
zigness, Mar 14 2004


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