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Blind Spot Illumination

Spotlight projection onto road.
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Driving near or around large semi-trucks can be hazardous, particularly because of the blind spots. In dim light or complete darkness, the danger is increased tenfold. To aid drivers in determining the exact location of the blind spot, I propose installing a series of spotlights on all four sides of the semi-trailer. They would project downwards on to the pavement a coloured patch in the area of the blind spot. Most effective in dim light and darkness, they would greatly aid drivers wishing to pass the truck.

This system would probably be a lot less expensive than cameras and video monitors, and would not require the trucker to check monitors on top of mirrors, thus reducing distractions to the trucker.

WordUp, Jul 08 2004


       If the truck driver cannot see the area, what's the point of illuminating it? Am I missing something again?
angel, Jul 08 2004

       cool would this be like the glide path lights at airports? a set of lights which change colour based on whether you are in the blind spot or not.
engineer1, Jul 08 2004

       Angel, the light is so *other* drivers can see where the blind spot is.   

       Trucks in the UK have recently started sporting a sticker on the rear which says "If you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you".
egbert, Jul 08 2004

       //so *other* drivers can see where the blind spot is//
So it's like "If you're lit up, I can't see you"?
I cannot see the benefit.
angel, Jul 08 2004

       [Angel], Drive under the light at your own risk. Capice ?
daseva, Jul 08 2004

       When driving near trucks, ideally you should pass them, or stay well away; no lingering in the blind spot. It's simply an aid to the driver of the car so that he knows the areas where the trucker's mirrors are inffective.   

       And they have those bumper stickers in the US too.
WordUp, Jul 09 2004

       Try following those rules on a UK motorway, lorry on the inside doing 65, car on the outside doing 90 me in the middle doing 70ish. knowing where the blindspot actually is would help all drivers, would be good for cars too as the number of idiots who will sit in your blindspot is to high.   

       Half if that happened the driver wouldn't have seen you anyway, and despite what any highway code or local equivalent says the laws of physics seem to be more important than debating who was in the wrong.
engineer1, Jul 09 2004

       A bit off topic, sorry:
If all vehicles were equipped with GPS, and communicated the GPS reading with a small radio transmitter, then all vehicles would know where all other local vehicles were in relation.
A plan view could be presented to the drivers (a bit like radar display).
This could also be developed to provide collision warnings, by tracking closing speeds and directions.
Ling, Jul 09 2004

       I don't think there is anything wrong with the idea, but I'm not going to vote for it. Knowing the exact location of the blind spot is not all that useful. Even when it is possible for a driver to see you in their mirrors, they may not be looking or could just have poor judgement. Always remember rule number one when it comes to safety and defensive driving - everyone around you is a drunken, legally blind, mentally incompetent, moron with a bee in their car until proven otherwise.   

       Everyone knows where the general area of a blind spot is. If you find yourself in a position where you think, “Gosh, I’m probably getting close to this guy’s blind spot. I wish I knew exactly where it was” then you should probably just assume you are already in it. Remember, only you can prevent forest fires… oh crap, sorry. Everything I ever learned about safety is coming back to me now.
luecke, Jul 09 2004


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