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Simulated Video Game Generator

Use computers to make driving feel like a video game.
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Do you ever get tired of having only one view of the road? Ever wish you could see your blind-spots better or just had a better overall image of the car and road? Be sure to purchase a simulated video game generator. The simulated video game generator uses a series of high quality and durable camcorders that film the rear end of the car plus the road/cars/buildings/stop-lights in range of the lenses to generate the experience of a video game. The camcorders are mounted on an unusually large and wide angled spoiler that is seemlessly integrated with the other body panels. The views of all of the camcorders are edited into one large view and then digitally enhanced to look like video game graphics. A flip-up screen right in front of the steering wheel would show the generated view to the driver, or to any bored passengers who wish to turn their rear-seat tv screen to the appropriate channel. And of course, no real video game experience would be complete without the synthesized sound of the engine. Microphones in the exhaust-pipes pick up the sound waves and play them through the car's speakers (but first edited to sound like they would in a video game).
acurafan07, Jan 13 2007

Actual Reality Goggles Actual Reality Goggles
[phlish]'s earlier take on what appears to be a similar idea, only emulating (slightly) earlier technology. [zen_tom, Jan 15 2007]

Arcade-racing-style car Arcade-racing-style car
Bubs, re the 3rd person thing, see link. [zen_tom, Jan 15 2007]

Objects in mirror... Objects_20In_20Wind...han_20They_20Appear
[theircompetitor, Jan 16 2007]

Penn & Teller: Desert Bus http://www.waxy.org...2/28/penn_tel.shtml
A videogame that simulates a long, boring 8 hour drive to Las Vegas. [jutta, Feb 11 2007]


       It would be much easier to use digital cameras.
BJS, Jan 13 2007

       "Easier" isn't what the halfbakery is all about though, is it?
gardnertoo, Jan 13 2007

BJS, Jan 14 2007

       <rant> What we really need is the opposite of this: a device that detects drivers who think they're playing a video game, and forces them to realize there is no reset button. </rant>
nick_n_uit, Jan 15 2007

       One could use a ViewMaster that depicts the road you are onw. You could click along through the images according to how fast you were going.
bungston, Jan 15 2007

       What [nick] said. The consequences of poor driving in a video game are somewhat less critical and permanent compared with real life. I'd prefer drivers to be fully aware of which world they are currently inhabiting.
angel, Jan 15 2007

       To get round that, you could train drivers on video games which sever one of the player's limbs when they 'crash'.
hippo, Jan 15 2007

       I thought of something along time ago that was kind of similar. A truck with a crane or elevated pod is reconfigured so that the truck could be driven from inside the pod. The pod is then extended to full length and tilted forwards to point down to the ground. Now drive around pretending you're in the original Grand Theft Auto, or if you can only see in 32 colour, Spy Hunter.   

       Just don't drive under any bridges.
theleopard, Jan 15 2007

       Well, you're right that people crash often in video games. But you have to remember that those are games designed for racing. If you try going 30mph or so in any car racing game, you'll find that it is very easy not to crash.
acurafan07, Jan 15 2007

       I like the idea exept for the possiblility of your main computer system crashing and causing <huge> you </huge> to crash
Blue Wizard, Jan 15 2007

       If the computer crashes, you could still just look out your windshield.
acurafan07, Jan 15 2007

       Making the driving experience more video-game-like might not be a good idea, but the third-person-view camera would be useful to no end.
nick_n_uit, Jan 16 2007


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