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Two Additional Side Mirrors

The one on the passenger side looks ahead, into the next lane; the one on the driver side looks back, into the other lane.
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In this day of cameras replacing mirrors and electronic gizmos adding to the cost and complexity of newer vehicles, I propose a modestly priced and simple new standard feature for all vehicles - the addition of two more side-view mirrors. (The existing side-view mirrors stay as they are, as they do provide some usefulness to the driver. I want two more mirrors added to the vehicle design.)

But I noticed that when I'm a passenger in the car on a road trip (in the USA, where we drive on the right side of the road, and the driver is on the left side of the car) with my husband, it is frequently my duty to look ahead into the lane immediately to the right of our lane and report whether it looks "good" or not, meaning whether it is clear enough up ahead to pass the vehicle that is going below the speed limit in the left lane for whatever reason. I also tend to help out, voluntarily, with viewing the blind spot that exists to the left and slightly behind our own vehicle, when the left lane is available for passing.

When I'm not in the car, who or what can aid the driver in performing these duties? Mirrors, of course!

The first mirror I propose is on the right side of the vehicle, angled such that the driver can glance ahead at the lane to the right to see if it is clear for passing. The mirror would be facing forward and toward the driver side of the car, at a close to 45-degree angle. This could potentially cause oncoming wind to spit debris onto it, which would defeat the purpose of the mirror, so rather than having it outside the vehicle, as I originally thought (stacked on top of the existing side-view mirror), perhaps mounting it inside the vehicle might prove more useful, even if the view is not quite as good.

The second mirror I propose would be stacked right on top of or next to the side-view mirror next to the driver, simply providing a second view of area to the left and slightly behind the vehicle. Yes, driver's should always turn their heads to check this particular blind spot before changing lanes, but I believe having this mirror would prevent more of those unintentional scares that occur when drivers make mistakes on this move.

Both mirrors, of course, should be easily adjustable from the driver's perspective, so as to provide the proper view for the current driver. When the driver is unaccompanied, I think having these additional views could greatly assist in keeping the driver focused and increasing the accuracy of his or her lane changes. The driver could simply glance at either new mirror without affecting other drivers during discovery that the intended move was not such a great one.

XSarenkaX, Feb 27 2011

Driver Side Blind Spot Mirror http://www.autospor...EB&mr:referralID=NA
Looks like the second proposed mirror is already available as an accessory. [XSarenkaX, Feb 27 2011]


       This is Baked on some airfield ground-handling vehicles, although not quite for the reasons stated.
8th of 7, Feb 27 2011

       But will it help whilst I'm texting? (Just kidding...)
blissmiss, Feb 27 2011

       I'm glad to be back and glad that this idea is somewhat baked already in a different way. Perhaps that means it's not that far off.   

       [Blissmiss], if you're texting while driving, nothing can help you. ;)   

       (..hey, where's the autoboner?)
XSarenkaX, Feb 27 2011

       Blind drivers - not a good idea in the first place...
saedi, Feb 28 2011

       My idea hopes to eradicate a particular kind of blindness. (Disclaimer: Driving is not recommended for the legally blind.)
XSarenkaX, Feb 28 2011


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