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Blind Spot car detector...

Blind Spot Radar
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The objective of this device is to warn a driver of a car in the blind spot when he is changing lanes... The device would start operting as soon as the left indicator or the right indicator is turned on. A radar would start scanning for cars in the immediate vicinity of the drivers blind spot, and would start beeping if it detects a car in that general area. It would also factor in the relative speed of the two cars and the loudness of the beep would indicate the hazard factor. Of course the device has to be smart enough to interpret the shapes of the objects it detects and only warn the driver if the shape resembles a car (or you might have warnings fired by a pedestrian when taking a right turn). (Disclaimer : It is always advisable to be looking out for cars in the blind spot by the driver, however this would provide an additional safety feature for the cars of tomorrow)
bhasky, Jan 01 2002


       My first concern is that people would use the technology to cut even closer in front of me than they already do.   

       That aside, as [PeterSealy] suggests: Get some of those backing-up obsticle detectors and mount them at an angle on your rear wheel wells.
phoenix, Jan 02 2002

       <From 'Self-Driving Cars', but it's fitting here, as well...>   

       [O]ne of the most frightening things I've ever seen was a TV show about the development of automatic cars. Six cars running along at 80 mph about two feet apart, and the voice over saying the cars' computers are talking to each other about road conditions, their speed, and so on...and as the camera pans as they pass, the last one has a banner reading 'MICROSOFT'.
StarChaser, Jan 03 2002

       A more useful device on the same lines would be a detector which informed you when you were in somebody else's blind spot for more than a second. Make it a mandatory fitting to all bikes.
Gordon Comstock, Jan 03 2002

       Doesn't seem so hard to do. All you need is an infrared transmitter pointed forward at a 45 deg. angle from, say, the side-view mirrors.... and then have a reciprocal receiver in the tail-lights of other cars... Of course, the real trick will remain -- what to do about situations where there is a difference in speeds? And, it would take literally 10s of years for all cars to have this added 'visibility'. Long before then, people will become complacent, and stop looking in blind-spot -- could be a recipe for disaster.
pathetic, Jan 04 2002

       Get a camera to do this job + vision recognition software - they are gettting pretty cheap now.
Osborn, May 30 2002

       Cameras are cheap. Vision recognition software isn't easy or cheap.
drew, May 30 2002


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