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Pump Mirrors II

Inflatable wing morrors
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They're inflatable wing mirrors.

Silvered bubbles (with a small inflation-pump inside the vehicle) replacement wing mirrors for cars/trucks.

At least 2 advantages over conventional glass wing mirrors:

1) Unbreakable (unless someone pop's 'em)

2) Adjustable view angle. The more pressure=>Move view angle.

Dub, Sep 20 2005


       Caution: objects in mirror may appear to pop.
DrCurry, Sep 20 2005

       I'd buy them. kinda pumped pump mirrors?
po, Sep 20 2005

       What keeps the mirrors from being susceptible to vibration from wind resistance and vehicle movement? There's little more annoying than a side mirror with the jitters, and because these are inflatable there would seem to be few secure and sturdy attachment points. Or are they merely meant to fit inside the standard cowling that standard mirrors now occupy?
jurist, Sep 20 2005

       Gonflable mirrors.
skinflaps, Sep 20 2005

       [jurist] Yes, but perhaps the cowling could now be a little more flexible - enough to stay in shape at 100mph, but pliable when bashed.   

       [skinflaps]Gonflavu. I like it!
Dub, Sep 20 2005

       This is actually brilliant...you should patent the thing
Blisterbob, Sep 20 2005

       Well it's out in the public domain now.
Dub, Sep 20 2005

       Gonflabubble [+]
coprocephalous, Oct 05 2005

       [fqhwgads] Thicker (shiny) plastic sheet on the front?
Dub, Oct 06 2005


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