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anti-social network

A social network by deleting
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It's the opposite of a social network. You start linked with everyone, and start picking people you hate, or are unfriendly with.

The top ranked people are the ones with less connections.

But there's a twist: if you are way too anti-social, you become popular because you are in the top rank, and thus exposed.

The goal si not only to be unpopular, but to be mediocre and miserable. Go, go, go! Quick! Before the website get's updated and starts ranking mediocrity!

giro sintornillo, May 27 2008

Same opposite joke, slightly different interpretation Anti-social_20networking
[jutta, May 28 2008]

for [FlyingToaster] http://images.googl...-a&um=1&sa=N&tab=wi
Yes, present company excepted. [hidden truths, May 29 2008]


       Hey! What happened to my anno saying "Fuck you!"
4whom, May 27 2008

       // The goal si not only to be unpopular, but to be mediocre and miserable. //   

       Why not just stand for election to your local Town Council ?
8th of 7, May 27 2008

       unpopular, mediocre, & miserable?.. hey, I can do that!
afinehowdoyoudo, May 27 2008

       How can you hate someone you don't know? [bone]
xandram, May 28 2008

       //if you are way too anti-social, you become popular because you are in the top rank, and thus exposed//   

       Finally, my brothers, beware of doing wrong to any hermit. How could a hermit forget? How could he repay? Like a deep well is a hermit. It is easy to throw in a stone; but if the stone sank to the bottom, tell me, who would get it out again? Beware of insulting the hermit But if you have done so—well, then kill him too.   

       Thus spoke Zarathustra.
MikeD, May 28 2008

       \\How can you hate someone you don't know?\\   

       People who wear crocs to work, people who need to spend exorbitant amounts of money to feel good about themselves, people who drape bigotry in the cloak of patriotism, people that instigate lawsuits for a living, people that steal from others for a living, people that could change these things but don't because it might affect what they get from what they do for a living, the cast and crew of sex and the city.   

       That wasn't so difficult.
[8th], if I could bun annotations, I certainly would yours.
hidden truths, May 28 2008

       //People who wear crocs to work//
FlyingToaster, May 28 2008

       Present company excepted of course...   

       Don't worry my brave little toaster. I like people who wear crocs. Also, strangers hate me because I ride my scooter to all of my undergrad classes.
ye_river_xiv, May 28 2008

       [+] Was it you I was talking to? It wasn't? I wasn't talking to you, then. Bog off.
Dub, May 29 2008

       lol, if i'm wearing one i don't know it...what's a "croc" ?
FlyingToaster, May 29 2008

       //cast and crew of sex and the city//   

       In addition: All propogators of "reality T.V." shows.
MikeD, May 29 2008

       Where are my manners? Welcome [giro sintornillo]
Dub, May 30 2008

       Placid wants to be foes with you on FingerBook. You can "choke" him anytime. Use the Hate button on his status updates. Take a wizz on his wall, tag him in pics of excrement and cross-post to Twatter.
placid_turmoil, Feb 12 2012

nineteenthly, Feb 12 2012

       I think you described a sports website I follow almost perfectly.   

       What made it that way? Advertising sales, in my opinion.   

       The more fake names people create to agree with themselves (and not all that infrequently) argue with themselves - the more the advertisors pay.   

       E-whirlpool, I guess. Race to the bottom.
Zimmy, Feb 22 2012

LoriZ, Mar 01 2012


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