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Anti-social networking

enemymine.com: list and find common enemies
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The rush for people to connect with each other on sites like Linked-in and friendster has allowed many people to find common friends and contacts for business purposes. But for those of us who are truely anti-social and actually prefer to make enemies than to make friends we feel left out. So with an anti-social networking site you can list your enemies and see if other people also have those people as enemies. You also can see how many degrees of separation you are to people who you don't know very well but you suspect that you don't like and are friends with people who you don't like. Ultimately if the anti-socialite decides to clamber out of their protective shell they could find common kinship with people who have similar enemies. It also would be helpful to know who your enemies are to help reduce paranoia.
dhousman, Nov 22 2004

(?) Nemester http://zapatopi.net/nemester/
Similar idea, claims to be in development. [caspian, Nov 23 2004]


       There're reasons for degrees of separation?
reensure, Nov 22 2004

       Thanks for the link to nemester. That site had me rolling. My kind of humor. It was very funny.
dhousman, Nov 23 2004

       this appeals to my cynical side, and yet,   

       all you need is love, love is all you need.
dentworth, Nov 23 2004

       This used to fully functional as "hatester.org" (same joke as the "Nemester" you link to, but nemester seems more focused on grand schemes, and I actually did get a hatester account and am now connected to thousands of people by our common dislikes).   

       Or not. Hatester.org seems to be down with what looks like a lack of purchased bandwidth; and archive.org's copy of their sign-up page doesn't quite do it justice. Ah well.
jutta, Nov 23 2004

       Sign me up - no, wait.
Letsbuildafort, Nov 23 2004


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