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Blue-tooth glove

Talk to the hand
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Everyone knows blue tooth head sets are the bane of society. But still perform a useful function (taking calls without having to hold a phone up to your ear)

I propose a blue tooth glove inside the pinky of said glove, a microphone would be installed, a speaker would be placed in the thumb. When you receive a call you would make the universal phone hand gesture (pinky and thumb splayed out) and put them up to your ear. To hang up simply touch pinky to thumb mimicking closing a clamshell phone.

but wait there's more!

new "secret agent" style places the microphone in the base of the palm and the speaker in the middle finger for that classic "spy" look. But wait there's more a keypad built into the palm means you can dial numbers too (one handed if your dexterous)

metarinka, Feb 18 2010

close but no gestures or keypad http://www.talk2mys...m/blog/archives/407
[metarinka, Feb 18 2010]

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