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Company Mascot DeathMatch

Gather all popular company symbols into a large pit and let the mayhem begin.
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The Geiko Gecko. The Unofficial Spokesman of Wendy's. Jared. The Yo Quiero Taco Bell Chihuaua. Mr. Clean. These are just a few of the innumerable identities that we've come to adore or despise over the years.

So for no logical reason, I propose that we claymate all of these characters a la "Celebrity Deathmatch," air it on Fox, (for that is where mindless entertainment of this genre belongs,) and simply sit back and enjoy as the carnage ensues.

-Possible tag team matches between the Keebler Elves and the Rice Crispy sprites. -Something different for Rating Sweeps Month '04.

WordUp, Apr 20 2004

http://www.grudge-m...laid_michelin.shtml http://www.grudge-m...laid_michelin.shtml
Scroll down to the response of the week (TM). [RobertKidney, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Another grudge match. http://www.grudge-m.../micro-disney.shtml
Scroll down to the response of the week (TM). [RobertKidney, Oct 05 2004]


       Can we throw in all the athletes, pop-singers and other (to use Bill Hicks' term) "Suckers of Satan's Cock"?
friendlyfire, Apr 20 2004

       My money's on Joe Camel.
DrCurry, Apr 20 2004

       You still have the Jolly Green Giant?
FarmerJohn, Apr 20 2004

       I want to see Mr. Clean fight fifty of those little cute "scrubbing bubble" things from an old bathroom detergent ads.
echo, Apr 20 2004

       The Maytag Man should not be invited. My money is on the Orkin Man... he %#@&'n ROCKS!
rusterkat, Apr 20 2004

       I was going to do a Photoshop crop and paste of the Michelin man vs. (hadn't figured it out yet), and would you believe it's baked, sorta? [link]   

       So you're not going to invite the Zoloft blob, huh? Never mind. It would just as well sit in a corner and cry.
jutta, Apr 20 2004

       I'd be sad too if I were a poorly drawn blob.
waugsqueke, Apr 20 2004

       I saw a comparison of "Intel Inside"™ and the zoloft blob -- let the carnage begin!
dpsyplc, Apr 20 2004

       I'd like to see the Quiznos Sponge Monkeys go to town on the Prilosec Motor Home Couple. The sponge monkeys are actually less annoying.
Guncrazy, Apr 21 2004

       "ditto" with [Tabs]' anno. Love it!
dentworth, Apr 21 2004

       I want tickets to the Count Chocula, Verizon Idiot fight.
Letsbuildafort, Apr 21 2004

       I remeber celebrity deathmatch, my favorite was the Beastie Boys vs. Backstreet Boys. Thank god the Beastie Boys blew those little pricks up, drunk as they were. But the best match would be Subway Jared vs. the quizno's sponge- monkeys.   

       [friendlyfire] "Send in Vanilla Ice.."
Mr Burns, Apr 21 2004

       [2fries] surely, the michelin man would have to be matched with the stay-puff marshmallow man.
reap, Apr 21 2004

       Will it be roasting marshmallows or burning rubber?
Find out this Saturday on pay per view as these two similar Sumo’s struggle for simulcast supremacy.

       Oh, and Mr. Peanut would have to be exempt from the deathmatch, as he would undoubtedly be the number one choice for Master of Ceremonies.
WordUp, Apr 22 2004

       Put the linux penguin against the little paper-clip dude from microsoft word! Heck, the penguin will win that one easily, seeing thgat nothing made by Microsoft ever works right. PENGUINS SHALL RULE ALL!!!!!
DreamerSpiritt, Apr 22 2004

       And accidentally in the middle of the ring, the AFLAC duck.
RayfordSteele, Apr 22 2004

       [Oh heck Friendlyfire and Burns] Here's Madonna with two heads. "SNORT ROARRRRR!!!" +
sartep, Apr 23 2004


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