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Commercial Offer Trace Code

Every commercial offer gets a unique code to be referenced by
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You get an offer in the mail from a cable company that wants to lock you in a low rate for two years. Amazing, part of you thinks, while the other part of you thinks there must be a catch. With offer trace codes in place that piece of mail would have a unique 16 digit alpha numeric code that could be typed in or scanned via smartphone (QR code perhaps) referencing that specific offer.

The system is completely user generated (though may be a master database of offer trace codes somewhere). Users having an issue, positive or negative, with an offer simply include the 16 digit code in their web or social media posting much like a hashtag. Interested consumers seeking real information on the deal scan the trace code with their smartphone or type it in a Google or social media search to see how the offer panned out for others.

Obviously the system would be a little messy, and corporations would spam social media with glowing praise of each of their offers but I think it would be better than what we have now.

lepton, Jun 10 2015


       Would I be able to trace it to an appropriate category?   

       My experiences with googling services suppliers beforehand always shows me everything is golden. Whereas six months after I commit the web is littered with ripoff complaints.
normzone, Jun 10 2015

       Because you post all the complaints!
bungston, Jun 10 2015


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