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Ceiling Tile Advertisements

A gold mine of brainwashing opportunity!
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I won't venture to guess how many ceiling tiles are in use today, with their nondescript white color and little random black dots (or is there a pattern? I've spent hours wondering if there is some template . . .), but I will assert that they are many and have the unique capacity to be replaced with minimal effort.

Advertisers can pay to get ads on ceiling tiles, could be part of a special deal with companies downstairs (i.e. "Buy bacon bombs in the Lobby Restaurant")

Advertisers would pay a premium for dentists' / orthodontists' offices / hospital post-op areas, where helpless victims sit in pain and / or mute boredom for hours with nothing to look at but that indecipherable pattern. . .

Everyone wins, with minimal infrastructural cost.

Ketchupybread, Apr 10 2007

baked? http://www.freepate...om/20030024143.html
[ShellCandy, Jul 12 2007]


       Good idea but I hate it. I tend to nod if in the dentist chair anyway, woo woo.   

       Hmm, maybe it would be better to sell sidewalk blocks or floor tiles as advertising space. Many teenagers walk with their I-pods on and their heads down
Night, Apr 10 2007

       Put adverts on x. Not my favourite idea genre.
wagster, Apr 10 2007

       BUN! Oh, and for the record, YES there is a specific pattern. Some of the higher cost 2x2 ceiling tiles have arrows on the opposite side that are intended to make the black specs consistent if you install the tile with all of the arrows pointing in the same direction or if you have 4 tiles pointing towards each other in a 4x4 pattern.   

       Anyhow, I would buy advertising space on the ceiling simply because I know people will look up on the ceiling every day to see what's new.
Jscotty, Apr 10 2007

       The video store here in town wraps their ceiling tiles in old movie posters. They almost have the entire ceiling covered.   

       Makes your neck sore.   

       this seems like a great place for subliminal advertising. make it so when you look at it straight on you can't see anything, but if you're an extreme angle words or images appear. there's a term for this, I just can't remember it. So, say you're walking along a mall or similar long hallway, you look further down the hallway, and you're brain registers the image of a hamburger on the ceiling, you look to you're left and bam, there's a Friendly's sitting right where you suddenly wanted one. The unwary consumer might even take it as a sign from the heavens to down as much greasy ground beef and carbonated beverage as they can. "Written in the stars" sorta thing.
topherator, Apr 30 2007

       But there _are_ ads on the ceiling at my dentist's! They are, however, just regular posters attached to the panels, not printed on the panels themselves.   

       Perhaps the idea can be implemented at a new level once the E-ink is cheap enough. You'll be able either to pay for regular panels or get these ad-sponsored ones for free.   

       Get your ad onto a million ceilings nationwide! :)
xipetotec, May 01 2007

       //there's a term for this, I just can't remember it// it's "scyphopsis" or "placopsis".
MaxwellBuchanan, May 01 2007

       Why hasn't Donald Trump thought of this idea?
janbest, Jul 12 2007


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