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Blurred Feet

wear shoes that are totally vague
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Blurred Feet are slip over shoes that make your feet appear to be totally blurred.

They’re made from a milky coloured type of rubbery plastic that has been infused with tiny air bubbles which grow denser towards the central core area. This has the effect of blurring the appearance of the feet, but fading out towards total transparency at the outside defining edge. The net effect is that the feet appear to simply blur out completely where they meet the ground.

Blurred Feet have no practical use, beyond looking cool, and causing total confusion in those who encounter you wearing them as you drift along, a perfect mystery in perfect motion.

xenzag, Feb 08 2020


       This is a laudable idea. Can the shoes not also have small clouds of dust, forever trapped in a transparent resin extension?
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 08 2020

       The resin needs to be extremely flexible, or the dust will be seen to move in a way that makes it look like a solid object. An alternative may be a small dust hopper and a fan or a smoke machine that makes heavy particles, to actually put out a little bit of dust.
Voice, Feb 08 2020

       Instead of resin, what about aerogel ?
8th of 7, Feb 08 2020

       way too weak
Voice, Feb 08 2020

       My vote is boots with constantly-moving Moire patterns just below the surface
sninctown, Feb 08 2020

       Ooh, Moire lines built into the soft clear polymer; as you move, the rubber will flex, causing the lines to shift slightly, changing the resulting pattern. That's almost worth it's own post, [sninctown].
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 09 2020

       And so obscuring the view of those foot recognition cameras..I like it
not_morrison_rm, Feb 11 2020

       "no practical use, beyond looking cool, and causing total confusion"   

       The halfbakery code of ethics in a nutshell.
blissmiss, Feb 11 2020


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