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Brush shoes

Clean steps to neatness
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This are shoes that have instead of a sole, a big brush, so you can swep the floor and mop it at the same time!
noyola, May 18 2009

Brush shoes http://contenido2.w...com/noticia/648.jpg
Not sure if widely known to exist, but they do exist... [theleopard, May 18 2009]

Prior art https://store.theon...gift-box-p-383.html
[loonquawl, May 18 2009]

Skipping rope broom Skipping_20Rope_20Broom
Gratuitous self promotion [spidermother, May 18 2009]

Brush AND shovel shoes http://sas.localgui...crna5pYXwOcWxA6.jpg
why just brush when you can shovel too? [xenzag, May 18 2009]


       ... or clean the other shoe.
po, May 18 2009

       Hehehe!! Thanks for the links, guys!
noyola, May 18 2009


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