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Anti-Elevator, Height Decreasing, Shoe Drop Shoes

Shoes giving the opposite effect of elevator shoes. Wearing these shoes people will think you are shorter than you look.
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If you want to look shorter without anyone noticing than this invention is for you.

First, let me provide some background information on elevator shoes:

Elevator shoes (also known as "height increasing shoes" or "shoe lift shoes" are shoes that have thickened sections of the insoles (known as lifts) under the heels to make the wearer appear taller. Unlike the high-heeled shoes the component of elevator shoes that increases the wearer's height is inside the shoe, making it almost invisible to observers. (source: Wikipedia)

Elevator shoes are commonly used by the short male especially if his female partner is taller. A shoe company producing elevator shoes advertise "Now you can be taller than she is"

So it is clear that the idea behind elevator shoes is to make the male look taller than he is in comparison to her female partner. (vice versa is also possible but not common)

We can double the same effect by creating a visual illusion with anti-elevator shoes which are shoes that have visible high platforms that are empty inside. (Unlike the elevator shoes, the person shall not cover the platform with long trousers or skirts, they shall be visible)

The tall person, female in most cases, wearing the anti-elevator shoes although appearing standing on the platform, in reality will be very closed to the ground as her feet are inside the platforms, not on them. By the help of this illusion people looking at her will think that part of her height (tallness) comes from the platform and will imagine that she is shorter in reality.

The upper part of the shoe, (where feet were supposed to be if they were usual platform shoes) will be filled in with some elastic material to let the ankles move without obstacle.

can1073, Nov 28 2007

Elevator shoes http://www.bugarrishoes.com/
can1073's mentioned link [skinflaps, Nov 30 2007]

Wikipedia on "Elevator Shoes" http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Elevator_shoes
[can1073, Nov 30 2007]

Bearskin hats http://www.regiment...bout/faq/guards.htm
[hippo, Dec 06 2007]


MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 28 2007

       A similar thing could be done with a top hat, although it would need eye holes.
Texticle, Nov 29 2007

       Perhaps a televideo cummerbund could also be contrived, to give the impression that your height was the result of having a gap in your midriff?
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 29 2007

       good job.
dentworth, Nov 30 2007

       good idea, but wouldn't it be possible that the shoes would get in the way of walking/running at times, especially when somebody takes it to the extreme and wears them up to his knees
keithbrunkala, Nov 30 2007

       [recategorized. You can also use the link function below the text of the idea to include your links and add a description if you so wish, you don't need to post the url as part of the idea.]   

       Nice, a very anti-uplifting idea.
skinflaps, Nov 30 2007

       I've been thinking about this for awhile, and if one's foot were inside the platform, would that make for *no ankles*?
xandram, Nov 30 2007

       I can't picture this at all. I agree with [xandram].
phundug, Nov 30 2007

       Keithburunkala, certainly these shoes won't be convenient for everyday use. The idea is using them for special events like wedding ceremonies where "how it looks" is much more important than "how it feels"   

       Thanks skinflaps for reminding me about the link function. I cleared the idea from links.   

       Xandram, the functioning of ankles is an issue, but with a good design I think we can partly overcome that. Also I shall add that the shoes shall make the person look 2 inches (5 cm) shorter. The more will be noticed and limit your ankle functions. (I wish someone with ability make a sketch of it so that we could judge better)
can1073, Nov 30 2007

       //I wish someone with ability make a sketch of it so that we could judge better//   

       A clock maker perhaps?
skinflaps, Dec 01 2007

       Bun for the shoes - and random bun to [texticle] for the hat.
wagster, Dec 01 2007

       Her shins will look really short in relation to the rest of her body.
hugeboofhead, Dec 01 2007

       Clever I suppose, but it will make her legs seem disproportionally short. I can assure you no woman wants this. [+/-]
shinobi, Dec 02 2007

       BUN! This could probably work with wedge-type high heels too.
Jscotty, Dec 03 2007

       For really tall people you want something that will give the impression they're wearing stilts. And one of those big bearskin hats that the guards at Buckingham Palace wear.
hippo, Dec 03 2007

       Wear, shoe drop shoes, heel never know.
4whom, Dec 03 2007

       //And one of those big bearskin hats that the guards at Buckingham Palace wear.//   

       Are they bearskin? If so thats damn impressive as we don't have bears in the UK!
webfishrune, Dec 05 2007

       We don't have crocodiles either, but I've got some lovely crocodile skin shoes.
jtp, Dec 05 2007

       Nice, Anti-Bone For you [+]
xxobot, Dec 06 2007

       //we don't have bears in the UK!//   

       Funny, I saw a sloth bear in London just the other day.
skinflaps, Dec 06 2007

       Yes they are real bearskin - they use just a few bearskins a year from the bears culled by the Inuit people in Canada (see link)
hippo, Dec 06 2007

       Do you really think the ankle issue will be that big of a deal?   

       People with platform shoes don't normally get noticed for having unusually long legs, or misshapen feet, and folks with boots and high tops walk about with their shoes covering their ankles all the time.
ye_river_xiv, Dec 07 2007


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