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Body Scaffolding

getting paid to practice while making perfect
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Groups of gymnasts, cheerleaders and acrobats could be rented out as quick-assembled human scaffolding.

One could climb to the top of a living pyramid to be able to paint that last hard to reach spot on the gable, and Junior could be pulled up onto the highest shoulders of a people tower to retrieve that absconded model airplane in the elm.

FarmerJohn, May 23 2005


       This sounds like some kind of performance art or a social experiment. I'd love to see that in a crowded city, maybe have a bunch of well-disguised business men and women suddenly form a human pyramid to retrieve a kite from a streetlight.
AfroAssault, May 23 2005

       Life falls short in so many ways; lost planes and missed spots just affirm our subject status.
reensure, May 23 2005

       [+] for whimsey.
Soterios, May 23 2005

       Top of my list, Farmer John.
Basepair, May 23 2005


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