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for less dumb in your company
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I always wondered why execs don't seem to go to "executive school", but are more often Peter-principled into their positions. Now, green executives will log 20 hours on "ExecuSim" which will train them in the industry of their choice.

Unlike traditional spreadsheet-oriented business sims, this will focus on personal relationships. You'll have to delegate tasks to your VPs, deal with internal conflict, and supply real-time answers to the board. Micromanaging too much reduces morale and gives you less time in your day for important things like meetings, paperwork, and going home early.

The sales guys version would have the added challenge of steadily getting drunk while pitching to the customer at the strip joint.

RobotVoodooPower, Nov 05 2005


       What do you mean they don't go to executive school?
theircompetitor, Nov 05 2005

       //paperwork, and going home early//   

       Guessing you’re not an exec, [Robot VP]? Delegate the paperwork and head to the golf course, which is a perfect environment to conduct business, at that level.   

       And what [tc] said.
Shz, Nov 06 2005

       I hate executives. They're the highly payed evil monopolistic emporers that control massive corpoarations. I also hate corporations.   

       I watched an episode of the surreal life, on vh1 (the surreal life is the only reality show I like and have enjoyed watching), the cast members had to pitch an idea to a vh1 executive for their own show. The Brat, you know,t he rapper girl from the 90's? Made a comment to the exectuive about how his left ear was bigger than his right, after the executive asked her to say what she didn't like about him. On the phone with the Brat later on, the executive made a rude comment about how rude her comment he asked her to say, was.   

       Executives I would think go to college and get awesome grades. No big corporation is going to hire you right out of high school if that's what you're thinking! This exectuive I mention was very young as well.   

       Funny ironicism, executive, is the word 'execute' with an 'ive' after it. Whereas executives can have their own vacations whenever the heck they feel like it. Of course, they do have difficult jobs. I imagine CEO's get an even larger workload.   

       Alas, I have again made a large consumorous post, having little to nothing to do with the actual idea, taking up a large portion of the page. I just don't know when to shut my mouth!
EvilPickels, Nov 07 2005

       Don't hate them; join them--- with the aid of this training aid. It might even be fun, and relieve stress for employees.
sninctown, Nov 08 2005


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