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Bubblewrap Multiple-Choice Tests v2.0

New physiological profile testing method (Now In Jumbo-Bubble & Color!)
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Imagine a physiological profile test (as part of the job application process) that involves a multiple choice bubble-wrap section where instead of filling in a bubble, you pop one. The physiological stress would be enough to push any borderline applicants off the edge. Imagine the stress and decisiveness involved having to make a single popping decision that your not only fully comfortable with, but has in the balance your future livelihood. Stress factors include not being able to change answers and simply being in a room full of other test applicants and hearing the constant "pop, pop, popping" of others as they compete for YOUR job. This test is, as I said before, certain to limit the field of applicants.

Bigger bubbles= more fun!

For an increased level of bubble testing fun... try the exciting new JUMBO Bubble version. This variation utilizes the less common larger packing bubbles, it’s also easier for elementary school use. (also in color)

For some applicants (Worldgineer), the sheer joy of bubble wrap play completely takes away all stress factors and greatly increases your chance of survival in a Darwin ruled society.

FeelinPhine, Nov 11 2003

Bubble Wrap http://www.fast-pack.com/bubblewrap.html
Every kind.. EVER [FeelinPhine, Oct 04 2004]

of course, you could cheat to un-nerve your competitors http://www.the-joke...rod.asp?product=188
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       Fun idea, but ruined with stress. I was hoping this would be an attempt to put fun back into test taking.
Worldgineer, Nov 11 2003

       I don't get the "stress" part, but okay.
phoenix, Nov 11 2003

       I like it, though it seems a bit sedate. I know people here in the south who would prefer to darken the bubble with a bullet hole. And I guess that has something to say for it, because it combines real world skills with book smarts.
ldischler, Nov 11 2003

       I would end up popping all options. That bubblewrap thing can drive me out of my "sanity". +++ (and welcome to the bakery!)
Pericles, Nov 11 2003

       I think it would be cool if the right answers DID NOT pop. That would be the stress. Imagine a quiet room, you are guessing at the answer.... "POP." Opps, guess you got that one wrong.   

       But then again, if you heard a lot of popping you'd know you were not the only one failing.
crabbie, Nov 11 2003

       G++d. My highest prize. Though I'd like to see this applied to attitude, I mean, aptitude tests. Hell, both.
thumbwax, Nov 12 2003

       Hmmm.... p+p!
Fishrat, Nov 12 2003

       I agree, I'd love to take tests this way, but lose the stress part.
phundug, Nov 12 2003

       In terms of pure stress in multiple choice questions, surely the worst are those online tests without a back button? I think I would find popping bubblewrap a stress reliever on the whole.
DrCurry, Nov 12 2003

       Interviewer: So, Mr 3f, it appears that you were unable to restrain yourself from popping *all* the bubbles. You're obviously not what we're looking for.   

       st3f: Damn. Can I take the test again?   

       (crabbie: That is so evil. I like it.)
st3f, Nov 12 2003

       Perhaps we should vote this way. No more hanging chads.
Worldgineer, Nov 12 2003

       Ms. Hoover? I sat on my test. Can I have another one?
No, Ralph.
Overpanic, Nov 12 2003

       <test>"Complete the following sentence: 'The quick brown fox __________ the lazy dog.'
A: jumped
B: jumped over
C: jumped the bones of"

       <me>"D: all of the above." *pop*...*pop*...*pop*
RayfordSteele, Nov 12 2003

       crabbie/st3f: evil or not, you could ace the test by keeping your hands to yourself.
DrCurry, Nov 12 2003

       //Im getting tired of the "beat up the new guy" deal. Some may be glad to know I think this is the last you’ll hear from me // FeelinPhine. Nov 10 2003.   

       I like this idea. Very simple, very silly and it hasn't got a bone yet.+
sufc, Nov 12 2003

       Haha, yet? Hope thats not a   

       yet...(evil laugh)
FeelinPhine, Nov 12 2003

       ...forgot to add Anti-Static Bubbles for dry winter weather testing.
FeelinPhine, Nov 12 2003

       i agree w/pericles.......
adh_pika, Nov 13 2003

       I like this but there just aint no going back on your answer. or is there a way to unpop your bubble?
po, Nov 13 2003

       A canister of Helium, some superglue and a very small straw?
PeterSilly, Nov 13 2003

       In physiological testing second guessing an answer can be very bad. Being sure of your self is not… changing answers is I a sign of weakness (at least in that area) For the original application (Phych. Tests) the question are all subjective… it’s not an SAT
FeelinPhine, Nov 13 2003

       Wait, I just thought of something more evil. Suppose popping the wrong bubble would emit some sleeping gas or the like....   

       Maybe I should add the Bubble Wrap Safe Combination ;)...   

       Or better yet, I could line my old car with bubble wrap and drive with no seatbelts on. When I crash the bubbles would pop as I am bounced around the car.
crabbie, Nov 13 2003

       In seven years the bubble grows back.   

       [crabbie]'s anno caused me to think of "pop and sniff". Many people seem to find the bubble popping to be soothing or somehow therapeutic. Add calming or energizing scents to the air in the bubbles and market as a stress reliever.
...wonder if valium can be aerosolized?
half, Nov 13 2003

       Im amazed at the ideas that...pop... into peoples heads.
FeelinPhine, Nov 13 2003

       //Im getting tired of the "beat up the new guy" deal. Some may be glad to know I think this is the last you’ll hear from me // FeelinPhine. Nov 10 2003.   

       I'm sure there was another complaint about someone not giving you a '+' which you've since deleted.   

       //sorry [feelin], I was one of your +s but changed it -> I just don't like whining// seedy em, Nov 13 2003.   

       Hmmn, I suppose now I can reinstate the '+', but don't let me catch you complaining about votes again, OK?
seedy em, Nov 17 2003


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