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CWHCO training.

Practice makes perfect!
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Everyone refers with pejorative disparagement to chickens with their heads cut off. These chickens have become a metaphor for wild, crazy and disorganized behavior. I believe that this frantic disorganization is simply due to lack of practice.

CWHCO training simulates decapitation with a mix of lighting, sound effects and hallucinogenic drugs. After a certain number of repetitions, chickens will learn how to behave in a calm and organized manner, drawing on this experience when the big day comes.

After perfecting CWHCO training with chicken studies, this training can be extended to other animals and organizations which show a predilection for CWHCO behavior.

bungston, Dec 23 2003


       Yes, I would like 5 hits if you would be so kind. Skip the chickens, go directly to me. MEEE!!!!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 23 2003

       //Everyone refers with pejorative disparagement to chickens with their heads cut off.// Not me, not anymore! Since several years I use the folks from the White House and their economics for this kind of comparison.
kbecker, Dec 23 2003


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