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Body Wipes

Oversized paper towel dispenser, for the home bathroom.
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I like the paper towel dispensers you find in public bathrooms better then the air dryers and better then towels because my hands feel dryer faster.

After I take a shower or bath, I would like to feel dryer faster too. So...I propose an oversized paper towel dispenser. You tug on the little tab of paper extending down from the dispenser, which is 24 inches wide. You tear off the length you want of, seeing how the paper is perforated every 12 inches. When done drying off you toss your Body Wipe (towel of paper) in the garbage.

This cuts down on a persons laundry also. (although it cuts down more trees in the rainforest too, but I don't really care about that if it makes me dryer faster.)

macncheesy, Aug 04 2004

Body Wipes http://www.cuvo.com...derm_bodywipes.html
Why shower in the first place?
"Great to clean the body... when there is no time to shower. It can also be used to clean blood off..." [Worldgineer, Oct 05 2004]


       Hey, they don't have to be from the rainforest
scubadooper, Aug 04 2004

       Paper towels are pretty coarse. I usually just roll around on the rug to dry off.
phundug, Aug 04 2004

       So I would make them the softest on the market
macncheesy, Aug 04 2004

       Or they can come with a complimentary bottle of moisturizing body lotion.
Machiavelli, Aug 04 2004

       I don't think you can better an old-fashioned soft bath-towel but these might be excellent for the odd wet dog or cat though...
po, Aug 04 2004

       A croissant for your honesty.
tchaikovsky, Aug 04 2004

       Sorry - I have to bone this one. I prefer towels, and this idea is bad for the environment. It might cut down on your laundry (although I dont think a towel is too much to wash), but its going to add to your garbage bin drastically.
And yeah - there is [bwv61's point - just not very sexy.
energy guy, Aug 04 2004

       Great - not for the bathroom, but for cleaning muddy dogs.
wagster, Aug 04 2004

       12 x 24 inches is bigger than the visitors' towels I use now for humid days and much bigger than the 8 x 8 inch personal towels that match my 24 x 48 inch cloth bathroom wall protectors. The whole idea just sounds too expensive and hard to maintain, sorry.
dpsyplc, Aug 04 2004

       hey wag your own annos.
po, Aug 04 2004

       [dpsyplc]- what is a "visitors' towel", what is a "personal towel", why do the visitors get the bigger ones and why to you protect you bathroom walls with even bigger towels.   

       And, it probably is more expensive, but also more convienent. Just go to the store and buy another paper-towel roll. No laundry from the bathroom either.
macncheesy, Aug 20 2004


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