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Presshore Beach Towel

Now all you lazy beach bums can mark your territory (in a non-offending way)
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A beach towel that leaves your mark (custom made for the wealthy; generic symbols for the rest of us) by having first putting pressure on all areas of the beach towel. Merely smoothing it out won't do as good as a job than if you stamp out the whole towel with your hands or body, whatever. How is the picture formed? The beach towel width (heighth?) changes in the appropriate areas in order to 'stamp out' your picture. Even cooler would be if one side looked normal, but when you (or spouse, girlfriend) lift the towel up (hopefully carefully enough to not spill sand over the picture) it would reveal some hidden message, or romantic picture, or breakup message...
ghillie, Feb 29 2004


       Beach water mark. Wait a minute here ...
Letsbuildafort, Feb 29 2004

       umm...isn't your spot on the beach already marked if your towel is there? I'm not entirely clear on how it works either. But a croissant for the breakup message idea.
echo, Feb 29 2004

       Um, not a literal save-your-spot or mark your territory. Just make a picture saying, "I Wuz Here"
ghillie, Feb 29 2004

       Blacks Beach, north of La Jolla, nude bathing zone for San Diego. Leave your croissant marks - alright, bun prints - in the sand.   

       See you there this summer ?
normzone, Feb 29 2004

       That's over three thousand miles, [normzone], and I don't feel like going to a jiffy lube...
ghillie, Mar 01 2004

       If you leave now and drive very slowly, it will be warm by the time you get here.
normzone, Mar 01 2004

       Your profile doesn't say if you're a guy or a girl... *backs away slowly from normzone*
ghillie, Mar 01 2004

       It's alright, [ghillie], it was just an invitation to a full-body sunburn, I'm not hitting on you. For the record, I am afflicted with maleness. I wish I could find a fem who has the list of hobbies I have on my profile page....   

       And if you enjoy the sight of tan unclothed human females, it might be worth the drive to you. Also some great bodysurfing. There is a hang glider port at the top of the cliffs, and if you scuba, there's a nice reef a quarter mile off shore.   

       I hereby formally extend the invitation to all half bakers - BYOS   

       [ Bring Your Own Sunscreen ].
normzone, Mar 01 2004

       Sorry to be so practical, but isn't dry sand a bit loose for leaving detailed impressions? Do you need to include some sort of binder dispenser to make the impression stick together? Or are you supposed to use this in the wet sand?
oxen crossing, Mar 01 2004

       Hm. Good point [oc]. I'm sure it would work good enough on dry sand, especially when people lay there for hours on end...
ghillie, Mar 01 2004

       What makes you so sure? I mean, sure, there may be an image for a moment or two, as I recall, the texture of my towel remains in the sand for a bit, but being dry, it returns to plain old sandy beach really pretty quickly.
oxen crossing, Mar 01 2004


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