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Reminder Towel

A Postablutionary Oublier Redeemer, if you will
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My knowledge of chemistry is sketchy at best so I'm gonna need help on this one. The basic concept is as such:

A white bath towel that comes with a pen filled with ink that only appears in water but will not run. Also supplied is a chemical wash that will remove said waterproof waterappearing ink. The purpose? Writing notes for yourself to see in the morning reminding you to perform such tasks as you deem necessary. I always forget to do that thing that I remembered to do last night.

Can it be done or is this just magic?

harderthanjesus, Oct 22 2004


       I have a bathing suit that is one color when dry and has a design when wet so I think this is bakable.   

       Simple enough - make an ink out of a pH indicator solution and a gel, that is clear when either basic or acidic - and have it in a basic or acidic solution. Then just use an alcohol of some sort to dissolve the gel, release the ink from the towel, and make the towel clean.   

       When water strikes the indicator, because it's neutral, the indicator will change colors and create readable mark.   

       At least, that's what I think you can do, based on my high school chemistry from 9 years ago (good lord, has it been that long?)
shapu, Oct 22 2004

       You have to know where your towel is.
angel, Oct 22 2004

       I was thinking that this might be a paper towel buried deep in the roll that has an "buy a new roll of paper towels soon" message printed on it.
bristolz, Oct 22 2004

       Surely the fact that the toilet roll is running out will let you know that?
harderthanjesus, Oct 22 2004

       I don't know. I don't use paper towels for toilet tissue.
bristolz, Oct 22 2004

       "Postablutionary Oublier Redeemer", which googles up nonsense and French ski sites   

       pardon my ignorance, am I supposed to look that up? I know I am bored senseless but that is just too much work, [harder.]   

       wait, I'll just write on my bath towel to look it up tomorrow.
dentworth, Oct 22 2004

       //Writing notes for yourself to see in the morning reminding you to perform such tasks// Such as "Floss, brush teeth, and gargle; dentist appointment today at 9."
Machiavelli, Oct 23 2004

       Sorry, [dentworth], it is nonsense really, just a bunch of words thrown together. Ablutionary means of washing so postablutionary means after washing. Oublier is French for 'to forget,' possibly spelt wrong.   

       So: After Washing To Forget Redeemer   

       I apologise.
harderthanjesus, Oct 23 2004


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