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Glove Towels

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Kitchen tea towels attached to rubber washing up gloves.

This way you'll never drop the tea towel on the floor again or lose it behind the microwave whilst drying the dishes.

"Hey, two gloves, two towels, one for this and one for that"

The only problem I can foresee is fighting the dog or cat off as they gnaw and tug at these when they dangle about the knees.

skinflaps, Feb 01 2006

here he is. http://web.ukonline...ts/morris-dance.jpg
[po, Feb 01 2006]

Oh, the washing up always makes us want to dance. http://homepage.mac...g-Morris-dancer.jpg
see, you wear the scourers on your shins... [po, Feb 01 2006]


       I kind of think this would just be awkward. How do you keep the towels out of the dish water?
PollyNo9, Feb 01 2006

       It's all in the wrist, Polly.
calum, Feb 01 2006

       pictures [skinflaps] doing a morris dance.
po, Feb 01 2006

       I use to know someone named Mary Morris, she was a good dancer.
skinflaps, Feb 02 2006

       She used to splutter and spin like a dish washer, then grind to a halt as if she had a punctured tyre.
skinflaps, Feb 02 2006


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