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Bodystocking Sugaring

All-in-one hair removal
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Hair removal is a nuisance, time-consuming and ineffective, plus if you wax you end up with a load of it stuck to your skin. I have previously suggested approaches to this on the HB which are however still somewhat inefficient. This, however, is efficient.

First of all you put on a teeny bikini, covering only the pubes and nipples plus spaghetti straps. Then you don your body stocking, which has two layers and is full of an icing sugar-like substance, stroke yourself all over (I mean, who wouldn’t?), thereby squeezing it out through tiny nozzles all over the inside, and strip off, thereby removing your body hair in one swift, painful motion while leaving your nipples and pubic area untouched. Then you shower to remove the sugar and maybe make a sorbet out of it.

Repeat a few times to remove other sets of hair.

Chinstrap and skullcap versions also available.

nineteenthly, Oct 14 2018

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       Just ouch! Bun though because surely there's also a market for sugar-encrusted hair and skin?
jonthegeologist, Oct 14 2018

       Lewis Carroll explored that, [jon]. But yes, it has occurred to me too that once I have applied a thick layer of sorbet to my thighs, it seems a shame to waste it just because it's hairy. Extra protein after all.   

       But although it might be painful, there's also a sense of "take that, hair", and you get it all over with in one go this way.
nineteenthly, Oct 14 2018


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