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Bonsai Middle-Earth

Middle-Earth, in Bonsai
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1. Get an island. It needn't be too big.

2. Get a good, detailed map of Middle-Earth.

3. Become friends with a large number of bonsai purveyors, and a good terraforming service

4. Get several million bonsai trees.

5. Terraform the island into a scale model of middle-earth. Any spare land can be cut off and sold to pay for the rest. Leave a small area for people to get to the island on.

6. Make loads of money from Tolkien, bonsai, scale-model and terraforming fanatics.

7. Allow yourself a smug smile.

dbmag9, May 29 2006

something like this? http://www.technove...ews.asp?NewsNum=387
The Dubai World Islands [xenzag, May 30 2006]

here's another version http://realestate.t...i/palm_jumeirah.php
The Palm Jumeirah [xenzag, May 30 2006]

How to Make a Miniature Hobbit Hole http://koti.mbnet.fi/gaprohan/hole.html
[Amos Kito, May 22 2008]


       A mix of "wasn't that cool, that thing I saw ..." and "people will buy *anything*".
jutta, May 29 2006

       Sweet. How about we make a model of Númenor, too? And then, uh, sink it?
finrod, May 29 2006

       I dibs the role of Tom Bombadil for my hamster Pookie.
wagster, May 29 2006

       Then you get to play Gulliver... rawr!
DesertFox, May 29 2006

       what if the dinosaurs eat the people?
epicproblem, May 30 2006

       Thanks, jutta.   

       sp. 'buy'
dbmag9, May 30 2006

       sp: bye
po, May 30 2006

       Won't the Hobbits be too small to see? I suppose you could at least use real elephants as Oliphaunts.
egbert, May 30 2006

       I suppose concrete's cheap if you want to make mountains, towers, walls, etc. You need little plastic action figures now.
kevinthenerd, May 31 2006

       Now the trick is to make the bonsai trees mobile in certain places.   

       Personally, I'd rather like to see a bonsai Myst.
jellydoughnut, Jun 03 2006

       The way they make those new islands in Dubai is just dumping sand, etc. in the water. you can make the outline of Middle Earth that way, but it will lack any terrain (mountains, valleys, etc.) that LOTR fans may want. You could make it HO scale and get supplies from a model train hobby shop. I've heard of minature town in europe are used as tourist attractions
the great unknown, May 22 2008

       8. get sued by Tolkien's estate.
FlyingToaster, May 22 2008

       Get around lawsuit: MezoEarth. Ents: Ernts. Halflings: Hofflings... and so on, but you still need to invent tiny people or go animatronic, or it will look like Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. Hey, you could get Sean Astin to promote it after Hillary finally gives up!
plynthe, May 22 2008

       Or you could go mini, not Micro, and build the houses etc to the same size. Just a lot less of them, and closer together.   

       Hmmm... I'd quite like to see a standard fantasy version. Perhaps the SCA will help.
Selky, Jan 11 2010


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