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Book holder cum page turner
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My attempts to eat and read at the same time have always been a struggle, sometimes with disastrous results. So I've often wished for something like this. I've never heard of one before, so if it's already baked please let me know.

This device should be able to prop up any book on the tabletop at a desired/customisable angle for reading, and turn one page at a time when you depress a button (with a "back" button provided).

For other situations, such as when you're exercising or waiting for a train/bus, the device should come with a handy auto-extensible stand (with adjustable height) to keep the book approximately at your eye level.

Modifications: 1. An enhanced device could allow you to turn the pages by issuing audio commands. 2. A improved version of the device could allow thin publications - magazines, newspapers, newsletters - to be read similarly. Also applicable to: maps, leaflets, pamphlets, posters, calendars, stapled sheets of paper. 3. A wall attachment add-on that hovers the book above your bed/couch so that you could read while lying comfortably on your back.

baboo, Apr 01 2002

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       I like it. Books do need to be more hands off.
Chris38183, May 27 2002

       phoenix: since you seem to be the undisputed leader of reading aid links, have you seen anything on your travels that will aid me in reading whilst taking a bath?
yamahito, May 28 2002


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