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Makes books lovely & warm.
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This would be like a cross between a dust-jacket and a hot water bottle that would make the book warm while you held it, for those cold nights when you're tucked up in bed with a good book.
It could be heated either using gel-pack inserts that are popped in the microwave beforehand for half a minute, or plugged in to the mains like an electric blanket. The outside would be soft or furry without being cumbersome to hold, and there would be a thin layer of insulation (silver foil etc) on the inside of the bookwarmer to prevent possible damage to the glue or bindings of the book.
Jim, Sep 06 2001

Not *too* warm, I hope. http://www.randomho...tgs/fahrenheit.html
[angel, Sep 06 2001]


       My computer's warmer than a book anyday.. Just not as riveting, necessarily.
yamahito, Sep 05 2002

       Very nice, I'd like one of these for the sheer novelty value. You could probably market them too.
madradish, Sep 06 2002

       Very nice. Can I have one, please.
dbmag9, Apr 10 2006


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