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Colouring Cook Book

It's not going to colour itself you know.
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My wife added colouring book to her stocking wish-list.
She also collects a trove of cookbooks.

I think that the two combined would be a fine idea. Each book would come with its own set of coloured pencils and a paint-by-number format for the food items and a free-for-all for decorating place settings and decor.

Colour at your leisure while waiting for timers. Might take twenty years to get the thing fully coloured. What a family keepsake. "Oh look Great Grandma's hand coloured cookbook, what a lovely wedding gift..."

[robinism got there first with the mashed potato mold, but not with type Single_20Serving_20...tato_20Press_20Mold
[beanangel, Dec 18 2020]

growing pollen at a plant tissue culture, ethical saffron could be next! https://link.spring.../10.1007/BF00235075
[beanangel, Jan 05 2021]

Psilocybin page https://tapestrygod...3ZlfO8T1q2fnDMOgM_s
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 05 2021]


       Woops. My bad. Already a thing. I'm an idiot. Thank you and goodnight.   

       Leaving it up until somebody cares to delete it on the off chance that some other body also hasn't heard of it.
So there.

       How about a reconfigurable lego mashed potato impressor;   

       Perhaps a |---=((#) hand potato masher (very obsolete, use an electric mixer) could be completely reformed to have something like Lego moveable type on it. Then you could customize a message and impress, prior to presentation, a heap of mashed potatos with a decorative embossment.   

       Sugarbutter carmelizes to make amber lines on the surface of some cookies. Maybe. Those Dutch cookies that come in a big cylindrical tin might sometimes have this characteristic.   

       I think sugarbutter that carmelizes on preparation, after a person imprints food with a block (or moveable type) print of something nice looking on the surface of a pie crust, or even a pumpkin pie is possible.   

       Actually I could see this as catching on. People that like stationary sometimes get personal paper embossers. People that like to cook, or some restaurants might like putting a carmelizing sugarbutter blockprint of a fine crest on some of their foods.   

       Perhaps in an alternate universe Intercontinental hotels carmelized sugarbutter impressed their logo on certain deluxe foods at the restaurant adjoing the hotel.
beanangel, Dec 18 2020

       [beano] see: butter moulds
pocmloc, Dec 18 2020

       Humans don't have much sense of smell, but something new to do with a cookbook is to write a better one into a child's/adult's story about happy mice that have loving families and prepare festive holiday feasts. At that chapter and page, you might read:   

       Oh the cookbook! A thousand, ten thousand smells of good meals and good times gone by. Buck sniffed deeply. Instant inspiration, The Pumpkin pie of 2020, again, now 20 years later. Buck was always grateful to Pinky for giving him a:   

       Highly technologically advanced, odor retaining cookbook made with covers, not of cardboard, but of some material that absorbed odors and released them gradually like a polymer.   

       Buck wondered what Pinky was going to get people from halfbakeryshop.com this solstice. Probably longevity pills.
beanangel, Dec 18 2020

       You're a better cook than I am. I barely have time to clean up in between timers.
Voice, Dec 18 2020

       For those enamored of synthetic food additives (largely those with ADHD, most likely) could there be an "Artificial Colouring Cook Book" ?
8th of 7, Dec 18 2020

       I'd never heard of one. I thought it was a grand idea.
blissmiss, Dec 18 2020

       + I have not heard of a coloring cookbook… So I am leaving a croissant here. I would like to add to this intervention by having a coloring book of food of what it looks like when you are taking LSD!
xandram, Jan 04 2021

       Do they make colouring pencils in those colours?
wjt, Jan 05 2021

       Undoubtedly, but you probably have to take the LSD first, to see those pencils properly.
pertinax, Jan 05 2021

       Could use the food to smear on the page as colouring in.
pocmloc, Jan 05 2021

       It's unhygenic, but probably ok for people related to each other; The colored pencils that come with the cookbook could be *flavored* watercolor pencils so when you twirl them around in your saliva filled mouth they taste wonderful and make that wet colored pencil brilliant smudginess when you color.   

       I am opposed to the level of effort used to harvest saffron as a spice, but note with enthusiasm that tissue culture of differentiated pollen is published. [link]   

       Plant tissue culture of saffron pollen the spice could make saffron human-laborless and thus much more ethical to enjoy as a flavor.   

       I'm mentioning that as a really delicious lick-the-watercolor pencil would be saffron with something sweet like splenda at the color tube. It would make a pretty color, be delicious, and accompany the cookbook just as [2fries] suggests.
beanangel, Jan 05 2021

       Could the book be made of heatproof silicon rubber sheets? That way you could apply the ingredients on a colour-by-numbers basis, and then put the whole book into the oven to cook.
pocmloc, Jan 05 2021

       wow, [bean] and [poc]... great enhancements on this idea. Some psychedelic buns for you!
xandram, Jan 05 2021

       Whoa... are you sure those were oyster mushrooms?


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