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Bottle-Opening Bottlecap

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A bottlecap designed so that it could open the next bottle of beer (or whatever) when strong hands or a proper bottle opener are not around.

[I didn't think this up, a friend named Jackson did during a party, so my acknowledgments go out to him.]

mrkillboy, Aug 05 2001


       Would the initial capital outlay involved in purchasing a bottle opener would proove too risky?   

       For the idea to work you need to consume at _least_ two beers. Add to those enough beers so that economies of scale bring down the additional cost of the excess material and labour needed to create those funky lids ...Methinks this idea could encourage excess drinking among economic rationalists.
sdm, Aug 05 2001

       You say that like it's a bad thing...<grin>   

       Wouldn't have to drink two beer, if it was designed that one full bottle could open another.   

       What do you do if you only HAVE one, though?
StarChaser, Aug 05 2001

       I was thinking something like a bottle opener molded in the top, myself.   

       I can open a bottle with my teeth, but I don't do it the way you see in movies. Just sort of pry around the edges with a canine till it comes loose...
StarChaser, Aug 05 2001

       There is a brand of beer, Labats maybe(?) that features and indention on the bottom of the bottle shaped like the top, so you use the bottom of the previous to open the next.
MORGWOOD, Feb 13 2002

       And the unanswered question is: How do you get the first bottle cap off?   

       I prefer the combo twist-off / pry-off caps myself.
phoenix, Feb 13 2002


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