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Hexagonal Bottle Tops

Bottle tops that can be loosened using a spanner
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I recently watched an elderly person struggling to open a bottle of water. Offering to help, even I with strong hands found the top very hard to open. It occured to me that the twist tops could be made hexagonal in shape and thereby easily released by the application of a simple spanner.
xenzag, Nov 01 2007

Spanner, so to speak http://www.lakeland.../product.aspx/!7598
This looks like a complicated one! [theNakedApiarist, Nov 01 2007]

Plastic Spanner http://www1.istockp...1810_toy_wrench.jpg
the perfect tool for the job [xenzag, Nov 02 2007]


po, Nov 01 2007

       Even without a spanner, I think you'd get a better grip on a polygonal lid than you can on a circular one.
phundug, Nov 01 2007

       There are special 'spanners' for opening bottles and jars with normal tops that would avoid you contaminating your comestibles with spanners last used to do-up your hub nuts.
theNakedApiarist, Nov 01 2007

       That link specifically states that the product uses magic. The original poster's idea doesn't, so I am bunning it.
phundug, Nov 01 2007

       Would the circular threading be the same?
punk_punker, Nov 01 2007

       For opening new jars, angle the tip of a knife under the lip of the lid and twist the knife slightly. It breaks the vacuum, making the jar much easier to open.   

       Nutcrackers already work okay for opening most small bottle tops, but have a bun anyhow. [+]   

       Also, if the manufacturers number the sides of your hexagonal bottle tops, and make them with a bump in the centre on the underside, they'd come in handy as six-sided spinners for the diceless.
imaginality, Nov 01 2007

       but real men (and me) like spanners   

       tNA is probably worrying about that rat urine thing - rats don't piss on hub nuts just Cola cans.
po, Nov 01 2007

       I just like this idea for introducing the verb "to stuggle".
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 01 2007

       I don't think this idea can claim that one.
Texticle, Nov 01 2007

       Top idea. Here's a six-sided bun [+]
jtp, Nov 01 2007

       Thank you [maxwellBuchanan] - I had to laugh at that one too - corrected ... and now for the proper definition of: "to stuggle" - a vain attempt at removing beard stubble wth a blunt razor.
xenzag, Nov 02 2007

       Now, if only I had a magnetic knife rack with magnets strong enough to hold a huge adjustable spanner...
hippo, Nov 02 2007


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