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Luminous bottle opener

for drinking beer in the dark
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I went to a barbeque last night. Much fun was had and much beer imbibed. However our rate of beer comsumption was somewhat hampered by the difficulties of finding the bottle opener in the dark with a single tea light for illumination.

Skipping over the fact that providing just the one bottle opener at a party is a somewhat amateur approach, what we needed was a glow in the dark corkscrew/bottle opener, which could be easily spotted in a dark garden or dimly lit room. Luminous plastics are common so this should not pose a serious problem to the manufacturers of such drinking accessories.

hazel, Aug 10 2003


       Okay, I know where the bottle opener is - now where's the beer?
DrCurry, Aug 10 2003

       a) Hook it to a chain around your neck. b) Set it down beside the tea light. c) Drink beer that comes in twist-open bottles.
waugsqueke, Aug 10 2003

       [waugs] I did try to establish some kind of sensible ritual of placing bottle opener by the light but as the evening progressed, this simple task proved difficult. Also there were 30 of us sharing one opener so it was difficult to keep track.   

       Twist top bottles - good for beer. Not so good for wine...
hazel, Aug 10 2003

       Besides, the beers that come in twist-top bottles usually suck.
krelnik, Aug 10 2003

       Exactly. And they are generally fighting lagers, which I'm not allowed to drink. I was on the Grolsch.
hazel, Aug 10 2003

       Tape a glow-stick to the handle.
Cedar Park, Aug 10 2003

       //Keg it.//   

       That's fine, but it doesn't address the issue of how to find the cups in the dark.   

       I propose everyone has personal IV tube set-ups that deliver a watery alcohol solution.
snarfyguy, Aug 10 2003

       The luminous stuff loses its luminosity pretty quickly. Maybe, instead, put a little winky LED on it. Deluxe versions respond when you clap your hands.
bristolz, Aug 10 2003

       [hazel] Grolsch has a clippy thingy top. Why did you need the opener at all? Also. Why didn't you all just use the nearest lighter/spoon handle/fork handle etc.? There must have been loads of these at your barbecue.
squeak, Aug 11 2003

       There might have been, but they couldn't find them in the dark.
waugsqueke, Aug 11 2003

       [squeak] I was at the party too. The Grolsh was standard bottle (and needed the bottle opener) and ... wait for it ... there was no barbecue. Prob should have stayed at home. Anyhows ... I like the LED Clap Model proposed by Bristolz, but surely the enhanced model would LED flash in response to bottles clinking?   

       "Cheers [clink].... wait a sec, where's the bottle op - ah!There she flashes!"
jonthegeologist, Aug 11 2003

       [squeak] I should have clarified that it was a poor imitation of proper Grolsch, being the stuff they sell with standard tops and with no returns policy.   

       Of course [jonthegeologist] kept me supplied with open bottles of beer all evening, like the well trained chap he is, but he still had to find the opener each time which resulted in an annoying delay. I had to demand a new beer at the same time I started the old one to ensure a continuous supply.
hazel, Aug 11 2003

       A continuous supply of beer! Oh heavenly aspiration.   

       Also [hazel]. Are you a bit of a bolshy one? I have a mental image of poor old [JtheG] running round, obeying your very whim with you perched atop cushions of satin screeching "Boy, more beer!".
squeak, Aug 11 2003

       Moi? Never! I am a picture of all that is sweetness and light.   

       <sentimental> I think [JtG] was just being helpful because he loves me </sentimental>.The main problem was that the beer was being kept cool in buckets of ice in the cellar which was full of spiders and I am arachnophobic.
hazel, Aug 11 2003

       Okay, I know where the bottle is, and I know where the opener is, but where am I?<passout>
RayfordSteele, Aug 11 2003


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