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Shocking Bottle Opener

A bottle opener that shocks you when you touch it to the bottle cap
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Wouldn't it be great to go to a party and watch someone get shocked time after time trying to open their bottle of beer? It's funny when everyone is sober, but funnier when everyone is "not themselves." It would work on the same principle as those little gag gift schockers that when u press a button, it completes the circuit, sending a nice little jolt into your hand. The circuit on the bottle opener on the other hand would be completed by touching the opener to the metal cap. People could place these around the house when they throw parties and just let the fun begin. These openers would be great ice breakers and would liven up the scene. One draw back might be that alot of beers and other such drinks are going to twist caps, negating the need for a bottle opener. But it would still be fun to have just in case you get the chance to use it.
mistiflipp, Jan 19 2004


       Crank the voltage up and it works to help recovering alcoholics.
GenYus, Jan 19 2004

       Thats Genius, [GenYus]!!   

       Normally if its a twist-open bottle cap, I like to act all manly, and use my forearm to twist it off. If its a pop-off type, then I use some hard-edge (countertop, work bench, motorcycle suspension parts) to smash it off with.
Letsbuildafort, Jan 19 2004

       ...or touch it to a can whilst someone drinks.
silverstormer, Jan 19 2004

       Who has to clean the carpets afterwards?
kropotkin, Jan 19 2004


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