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Bottle-opening bottle

A bottle opener built into a bottle
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Down on the beach with a few friends and a few bottles of beer. But no bottle opener. Lots of demonstrations of ways “you’ve heard” a beer bottle (or any other crown-capped bottle) can be opened without a bottle opener. Mostly involving much frustration, spilled beer, broken glass, and the occasional chipped tooth.

But with a bottle-opening-bottle, the glass at the base of the bottle is formed into a built-in bottle opener. Glass isn’t a particularly good thing to make implements out of, so it needs some additional thickness at the base.

Not much good if you only have one bottle. So buy two.

Frankx, Nov 04 2019

British army style tin opener https://www.google....f13ATIQMygDegQIARB6
Can also be used as a bottle opener [Skewed, Nov 10 2019]

How not to open a bottle with a fence post https://www.youtube...watch?v=s7_Pmot_tBo
[Skewed, Nov 10 2019]

How to open a bottle with a fence post https://m.wikihow.c...out-a-Bottle-Opener
No. 5 the countertop method, but with a fencepost. [Skewed, Nov 10 2019]

Or if you've gone upmarket.. https://www.youtube...watch?v=8EZZVIyVeQI
How to open a bottle of wine with your shoe [Skewed, Nov 10 2019]

& finally https://www.youtube...watch?v=TNfu8baKkrI
How to open a bottle of beer with your shoe [Skewed, Nov 10 2019]


       Genius [+]   

       Thankfully, with the prevalence of screwtops on wine bottles, the requirement for integral glass corkscrews can be consigned to history.
8th of 7, Nov 04 2019

       Thank you [8th], much appreciated!
Frankx, Nov 04 2019

       //So buy two.// There's the makings of an idea in there, you know. Something like "Two bottles of..." - no, no it's just insane. Forget I said anything.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 04 2019

       I've seen/used twist-top bottles with a molded-into-the-glass twist-top opener in the bottom.
FlyingToaster, Nov 04 2019

       Or you could just go twist off. I have seen that on soda and it stays bubbly.
beanangel, Nov 05 2019

       What? take away one of humanities fountains of innovation and intellectual stretching. I think not.
wjt, Nov 09 2019

       Could something similar be developed for those plastic blister packs? I recently bought a pair of scissors whose package could only be opened using a pair of scissors.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 10 2019

       That's an easy problem to solve. Open the package from the inside.
pocmloc, Nov 10 2019

       Back in the 80's I was in the TA, the 24 hour ration packs always had a handy little tool in them, a flat piece of metal less than two inches long with a notch one one side you could lever under a bottle cap & little triangle with a sharpened edge hinged to its side that together with that notch let you use it as a can opener, has a hole on the other end so it can be slipped on a key ring.   

       It's a handy little doodad, you should get one, I still have one on my keychain & a couple of spare in a draw somewhere.   

       But even without something like that to hand surely you could have found a fence post somewhere near the beach?
Skewed, Nov 10 2019

       Found some [links] for you, for next time.
Skewed, Nov 10 2019


       If unnecessary when the countertop method on any handy wooden fencepost or similar surface really is impossible to get wrong.   

       But it still makes for a good sales ploy to get them to buy that extra bottle.
Skewed, Nov 10 2019

       The obvious sales ploy is only to retail the product in a minimum quantity of two bottles, shirley ?
8th of 7, Nov 10 2019

       No, you sell them singly.   

       "Buy one, get a bottle opener free!"   

       With a small markup for the bottle opener .. then wait for the repeat sales when they realise they can't open it without a second one.
Skewed, Nov 10 2019

       If you were really smart you would make the opener as part of an intact capped bottle. So you use the second bottle to open the first, but once the first is opened it no longer works as an opener, so you have to buy a third. &ce.
pocmloc, Nov 10 2019

       //If you were really smart//   

       Oh now that's good, I like it.
Skewed, Nov 10 2019

       //If you were really smart//   

8th of 7, Nov 10 2019

       just remembering max and 8th.
pashute, Jul 11 2021


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